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Dave Maugham's detailed sideline report of the Semi-Finals

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13th August 2005 (World Championship)

Time Death v FulfordLawn 10 Bamford v KirbyLawn 11

Good Morning

Well I've seen all the players, and I've got power, so we're good to go.

The weather is slightly overcast, but bright at the moment. The forecast is for showers all day, which is a shame as the courts had potential to be really fast.

Reg and Jonathan have started practising.

9:55 So have Rob and James. Rob is using R&Y but I don't know whether that means they have already done the toss. I doubt it. Reg & Jonathan are both using one ball from each side.
10:01 Well, James has gone in with K, so perhaps they had done the toss. He's put ou a supershot about 2 yards past 5. Rob is going just outside II with R Just finishing practicing
10:02 James has hit the ball near II Reg is going in with K and has put out a supershot, about 2 yards, N and slightly W of 5
10:04 James tried hit hoop 2 with R, but missed, still getting a rush to 1. He made 1 with control and rushed directly to which he has just made. Jonathan dribbled off the supershot from the end of a ulk, and has put it towards II, and gone about a yard out of IV with R
10:06 James didn't get a good rush to 3nd rushed it to level with the hoop, nearly on the EB. He has misapproached and gne about 15 yards up the EB from III Reg shot at K near II, but missed. I think Jonathan must have a double from a couple of yards in from the end of B baulk
10:08 Rob hit K which was near 4, and is now taking croquet beween 3 and 4. Plenty of balls to play with over there Jonathan hit, and has rushed about 3 yards SE of 1. He has approached to about 2 ft at about 45 degrees
10:10 Rob now has a 4 ball break, having just made 1 off R Jonathan ran away to partner, going a couple of yards N of it. Reg shot with U from 1to the ball next to the corner and hit. He has just rushed to partner near II, but ay have put Y on the line of the rush to hoop 1
10:13 Rob has just put 2 balls to 3. So may be thinking about some popping. He's making 2 off U which is the hoop 3 ball. Reg has coped with rushing to a couple of yards in front of 1 and has just made it, and got a rush to the ball near IV
10:15 Rob has put U to 4 so I doubt he will be popping it through 3. Reg didn't cut his rush, so it went to the end of a baulk. He took off slightly short or R, but good enough to willock it 3, but has only managed to get it level with the hoop and about 5 yards away near the EB.
10:17 Rob has made 3, and now has both R & K at 5. I don't know whther he is planning to pop K Reg made 2 with a abckward rush to partner near the end of A baulk. Put Y to 4,and rushed partner to about 3 yards S of R on the EB. He has just got a rush to 3
10:20 Rob has just put partner to 2-b as a pioneer. So no popping and no sextuple leave. Reg made 3, put R to 6 and rushed partner to the end of A baulk
10:21 Rob is putting together an MSL, with K on 2. It's certainly unrushable to 1, and may be unhampered on IV Reg looks like he's making a 1-b leave. Both Y and K are down by 1 now
10:23 Rob has made 3-b, perhaps slightly too hard, and has chosen to hit partner first, before U. However U is quite close to position already Reg is making his cross wire. R is about 4 yards W of 1 and very slightly N, Y is about 4 or 5 feet the other side. Potential for a jump if Jonathan fancies it.
10:27 Rob left the U where it was, and laid up about 14 yds up from IV. James lifted U and shot down the boundary, but it started bouncing afte about 10 yards and missed. Rob has just rushed partner to 1. Reg went in III and about 3 yards away. Jonathan shot with Y (the easterly ball) at K in the corner, but missed.
10:30 Rob has got tight control at 2 and has got a rush back to IV, but he's only managed to rush it about 4 yards away on the S boundary. Should be good enough Reg has put Y to 3 and has rushed partner to about 3 yards dead straight in front of 1-b. He has played a perfect stroke, peelng partner by about 8 or 9 yards and getting a rush on R to 1
10:33 Rob has done the first peel, and rushed back done to the ball which is just off the SB Reg didn't get a forward rush out of 1, and has elected to leave R there and take off to partner and make 2 off it. He rushed close and now has a rush back down the lawn to try the second peel before 3.
10:37 Rob has made 4 with a backwards rush and is now making 5 with both other balls at 6 Reg has done the second peel before 3. It's gone through by about 3". He has just made 3 from a tight position and didn't get a forward rush. He 's about to roll from behind 3 to the peelee near 1 and onagain he has played a very good croquet stroke, getting Y to within a yard of 5 and getting a rush on U
10:40 Rob has peeled Y but only by an inch. He's now aproaching 1-b Reg has got U about 3 yds behind 4, and R 3yds to the side and slightly S. He's now doing the 3rd peel straight from about 3 yards.
10:42 Rob bashed the Y northwards, into hoop 6, but it only bounced back about 6 inches, so he's had to take off and leave it near 6. He's just ran 2-b but failed to get a backwards rush. Reg peeled U cleanly by about 7 yards, and has put his hoop 6 pioneer to a normal delayed TP position. He has just put Y next to 4-b as well, but has just rushed to about a yrd in front with the peelee.
10:45 Rob rushed partner down and had a go at the peel, but the peelee is now in front of a wire arover. Reg jawsed the 4-b peel and has just made 6, with a rush East
10:50 After some whinging from onlookers, I've changed the table slightly. I hope it helps.
10:52 Rob walked all over his straigh rover peel, and finished +24tp (1-0) Reg did the death roll going to 2-b getting the peel through by about 5 yards. He just attempted the last peel from about 5 ft straight, but it bounced off. He is just approaching 3-b
10:55 Rob has put Y out as a supershot, about 1yd N and 2yds W of 5. James has dribbled at it and missed going directly N ending up about 3yd N of the peg Reg has got peelee about 6" in front of rover, and has just run 4-b and rushed up the lawn. I don't think he likes the position of U because he's thinking about fiddling with it before penult
10:58 Rob hit the Y with K in the background. Put it to 2 getting a rush to 1. He slightly overapproached 1 and had to run a 1yd 45degree hoop. He's just rolled K to aout 4 yds short of 3 going to Y at 2. Reg has wibbled U to 6" dead straight on front of rover and made penult. He's got both other balls close for an irish peel.
11:01 Rob has rushed to a yard away from 3. Minor correction Rob's first score was +24tp Reg has done his peel, and has just rushed to 4ft from the peg +26sxp (1-0)
11:04 Rob has just made 6 on his 3 ball break, which has complete control Jonathan put U out as a supershot, going 2yds N and 1yd W of 5. Reg replied by going 17yds up the EB. Jonathan is shooting at it from about 4yds out of the corner and has missed on his right, ending up 4 yds past it.
11:07 Rob's just making 3-b with Y near the EB for the leave Reg shot at the double, but missed. It looked lik it took some hill, and certainly did once it was in the yard line and went off 2 yards past Jonathans ball. He has hit Y and put it to 2.
11:09 Rob has got to 4-b, Y has a rush on K about 2yds S of the peg on the EB. R is on the WB in a symmetrical position. James took the short shot, and from his expression missed by very little. Jonathan has just made 1 with K
11:10 Rob has poked U out a bit and rushed K to 3yds N of R. He has overcut his rush a bit and will be approaching from about 3 yds to the side. Jonathan is about to rush to 2.
11:13 Rob got about a 2ft 45 degree hoop and once again ran it. Jonathan has just made 2 and is about to put Y to 4, going to R which is still near the EB
11:15 Rob has just approached 2 off K with both U & R at 3. And he's made it. Jonathan now has a 4bb at hoop 3
11:17 Rob has just done the first peel, and rushed down to an easy position to put a hoop 5 pioneer out, going to the hoop 4 ball Jonathan is just making 4
11:19 Rob's about to take off from 3yds to the side of 6, and has gone about 4ft past his hoop 5 pioneer. Jonathan has just made 5, and will be putting partner to 2-b
11:21 Rob is on 6. Just about to approach off R from 6" Jonathan has just made 6, and looks like he's putting Y over there as an escape all for an N/MSL
11:23 Rob has peeled R by about 2 yds and is putting his 2-b pioneer out. To about a yard in front of 2-b Jonathan is on 2-b, having left R behind for an MSL. It looks a bit far from the hoop to be unrushable to 1, but I'm not on a good line to tell for certain.
11:25 Rob is making 2-b with partner a foot in front of rover. Jonathan is making 3-b with control.
11:27 Rob has done e third peel and has just made 3-b Jonathan has Y in position, but didn't get a tight rush on U so he now has to roll to the boundary from about 4 yds in the lawn.
11:29 Rob is making penult off R with U a foot away from rover Jonathan rolled U off the lawn, but it doesn't seem to have mattered becaue K is in about the right place anyway. Reg has lifted Y from hoop 4 and is about to take the shot down the boundary.
11:30 Rob has just pegged out in the second +26tp (2-0) Reg hit the lift, it looked like it started off to the right of theball and hilled in about half a ball width, but I'm not exactly behind the line so I don't know for certain.
11:32 James has had a "normal" ball 9 yards N of IV. Rob is replying with a duffer, which has only gone 8 yards. Reg played a takeoff to K but hilled about a yard to just fall off the lawn. Jonathan is now faced with 10 yarder with U (the hoop 1 ball) or a 1 yarder with K.
11:36 James hit R with U shooting firmly, and had a DL with R about 4 yds from the peg. Rob hit his 18 yarder Jonathan played with the backward ball and put Y to 1 going to U. He's now rolling up the EB. He's gone about level with 6.
11:38 Rob put R to 2 and went to U&K on the EB from behind hoop 1. He rushed to about 4 yards from 1 and approached to 18" at about 30degrees and ran it. He's now on hoop 3 Reg shot from hoop 1 to the ball next to hoop 2. He hit the hoop but bounced off to the end of b baulk, so they should be wired. Jonathan rushed to hoop 1 from where he was and ended up on the SB about 4 yards to the side, but approached anyway, and made the hoop. He's now got partner to 3 and just hit Y on the NB.
11:43 Rob is approaching 5 with U near hoop 6. He's about to put partner to 2-b. Unclear yet if he's doing anything adventurous Jonathan has just ran 2, but rushed into the back of it with his return roquet
11:45 Rob just put K to 1-b, and has now made 6, so I guess it's another MSL Jonathan put R (the ball he roqueted after 2) towards 3 as an escape ball. He's now putting the hoop 4 pioneer out with a sqaure split from about 3yds SW of 6. He's overhit the strikers ball slightly and not got a rush to the hoop, so he's now approaching with a backwards split from about 4 ft.
11:47 Rob has put K in the jaws of 2 and is putting out his 3-b pioneer. Jonathan needed a long look at his ball in the hoop, but has decided that it hasn't run it. Reg is now in play with R
11:49 Rob doesn't like this K. He's rushed partner up here after 2-b, and is now putting partner to the middle of the lawn between 4, 5 and the peg. Reg has rush peeled Jonathan to 4, to get to partner. He has just made 1 off partner.
11:52 Rob is having an NSL instead, and is about to put K across the lawn. It's about peg high and 3 yards in from the WB. Reg has just run 2
11:54 Rob has put Red on about the 19 yard spot, and is now looking at a spot for Y which doesn't give K a double. Reg has just made 3 with a 4bb ahead of him
11:56 James is shooting with K at U from where it lay, and has hit. Reg is for 4.

James has put partner towards 2, and has rushed Y to 1. He's managed to approach to a foot straight, and ran it.

Reg has just made 5 and is once again having a 1-b leave
12:00 James is approaching 2, with Y (the 4-b ball) at 3. R is on the EB level with 6. He's only just scraped through and Bernard is on to referee the hampered stroke. Reg has made 6 and having a tighter, more diagonal cross wire this time.
12:03 James hit the hampered shot, and now (unsurprisingly) has all the balls out for a TPO The crosswire has U about 1yd SE of 1 and K about 1yd NW. Y is in III and R is about 2.5 yards away
12:06 James has just approached hoop 5, having done 1 peel, with the other balls at 6. He's now made 5 and is putting peelee in position Jonathan is shooting with K (the 4-b ball), but has missed.
12:08 James has peeled Y to about 2 yards past and 2 yards E of rover, and is ab out to make 1-b Reg is taking a short break.
12:09 James didn't approach 1-b well, and has run it but is hampered again. This time Owen Edwards comes on to watch him hit it. But h's now got to roll from near 1-b to 3-b and the deep peelee. Reg is back.
12:11 The rain has started to come down a bit now, but Reg hasn't ut any wet weather gear on yet. I don't know if James owns any!
12:12 James played his roll well, and now has done the final peel before 3-b. Reg plaed a poor (by his standards) roll and failed the peel and only ended up about 4yds from the hoop 1 pioneer. He dribbled ait but missed. Jonathan now has a seven yarder towards I which he's hit.
12:15 James has just run penult Jonathan is taking off frm near I to partner next to hoop 3 (which doesn't rush to 4).
12:16 James has done the pegout and is now looking at where he wants to rush U off the EB Jonathan has underhit his rush and left himself with a 4 yardr at half a target. He's missed it, and Reg is about to play with R
12:18 James has got U on the EB with hoop 4 in the way of the roll to 1, and K in II. Rob has rolled up to about 5 yards at his usual 45 degrees but he's waltered it off and gone for the squeeze. Reg hit in wth R (about a 12 yarder) at K, hit it centre ball.
12:22 James hit Rob's ball, I'm not sure how much he could see. He then underapproached 1 (rain coming into play), and ran away to III. Rob cuddled at the end of A-baulk. James shot at R with K and hilled round it to hit U. He's going to be laid up near III with R about 3 yds SE of 1 Reg finally took off from K, put U to about 3yds out of II, and is close to I. Jonathan has shot U at K and hit.
12:28 Rob shot and missed. James has pickd up his 3bb and has just ran 2. Apparently he does have waterproofs, a sort of grubby dark blue Carlsberg thing. Jonathan took off well short of R&Y in I, but took on the further one (about an 8 or 9 yarder) and hit it anyway. He subsequently made 4, and has got Y at 5 and has just rolled R to 6 going to partner level with 3 on the EB
12:32 James is on 6 in his 3bb with full control Jonathan Took off slightly short of Y (I don't think he's quite got used to the new pace ofthe lawn yet), but managed to approach and run 5 OK. He's now got Y at 1-b and is about to take croquet from K still level with 3 on the EB.
12:34 James is on 3-b and still on course. Jonathan has rolled out K to about 3yds in front of 6. He left himself a 3 yarder on R but dribbled it off, and made 6 comfortably. He's now on 1-b
12:36 James has made an error. He didn't get a rush out of 3-b, didn't play a good roll, and didn't approach the hoop from 4 yards. He has now retired to IV.Rob lifted R and missed K by penult and ended up in front of 1. James shot at the peg with K and missed onathan is making 2-b with both the other balls near 3-b
12:39 Rob has hit his 10 yarder at K along the S boundary. He's played a good takeoff from about 4 yards to get a rush on the ball in the corner and has rushed it to about 5 ft SW of 1 Jonathan has got R at 4-b, but is McCulloching at 3-b
12:41 Rob has made 1 with a sideways rush back to IV Jonathan has made 3-b and put K to penult but everhit it by 3 yards, but Y can go there now.
12:42 Rob has rushed to about 3 yards from 2 and made it comfortably. U is about peg high between 3 and 4, and Rob has a rush back to it. Jonathan has made 3-b and is croqueting K to the peg. He's about to make penult off Y
12:45 Rob has made 3 and is rolling down to a slightly loose pioneer at 4, but has got a 1 yd rush on it. Jonathan is about to make rover with both Y & K by the peg
12:47 Rob is on 6 with contol Jonathan was having a reverse spread, but seems to have left Y open by the peg.
12:49 Rob has just run 2-b Jonathan has just put K towards the B near 2 and has run away to IV with U
12:51 Rob is on 4-b Reg has just hit R with Y centre ball. He is about 8 yards N of IV
12:53 Rob has just made penult Reg is putting R to about 3 yards off the SB in front of 5 going to U
12:54 Rob has just pegged out +5otp (3-0) Reg is still thinking about his croquet stroke from IV
12:55 &nbsp Reg tried to put U to the eastern side of 3 and approach hop 1, but he's underestimated the slowness of the lawn. U has gone about peg high and Y was about 4 yards short. He's just left himself a rush on R. Jonathan is shooting K at U. He's missed.
12:59 &nbsp Magee has come on to look at the standing water situation. The players are discussing the situation with him.
13:03 The players are taking lunch. So I'll have a break too. Hopefully the lawns won't flood and will get a bit more play in half an hour to an hour's time
14:46 Still no action I'm afraid. The rain slackened off for a bit, but has not stopped. The lawn is a touch squelchy, but there's no standing water. The manager is now out with Jonathan looking at the lawn.
14:58 Apparently there's going to be another pitch inspection at 15:15. Reg is apparently holding out on playing even though there's nothing really wrong with the lawn, although he is going to have to play a big split as soon as he walks on.
15:20 Well it's stopped raining and Reg is now pacing about the lawn looking like he's going to play.
15:22 &nbsp

Just to recap. R&Y were about 8 yards in front of 5 with Y having a rush to 1. U and K were about half way up the EB.

Reg waltered off his rush to 1, in fact he waltered off playing with the hoop 1 ball, and is now plying with R in what can only be described as a bizarre choice.

15:25 &nbsp He rushed to IV, put Y to 2-b going to U&K, hit K on the boundary and rushed U to 1-b, which he has just made.
15:26 &nbsp He rushed U to III after the hoop, then rolled it out as a pivot getting a rush on K, which he has taken to the SB between 1 and 5.
15:28 &nbsp K went to 3-b and R rushed Y to 2-b. He's now made 2-b and rushed back to the middle, where he has positioned the balls for a spread.
15:32 &nbsp He's made 3b and K has gone over to the WB. U is by the peg and Reg is just looking at his rush to the EB
15:37 &nbsp Reg has finished his spread, and Jonathan has taken the short lift with K and hit R.
15:38 &nbsp He's rushed Y to the line of 5&6 so the penult pioneer may not be as tight as he'd like
15:40 &nbsp Y must have been further W than I could see, as the penult pioneer is fine. He's now rushed to a couple of yards in front of 4-b, approached it, but failed it.
15:41 &nbsp Reg has hit his 8 yarder with Y at K in front of 4-b
15:43 &nbsp Reg was a touch short on both balls on his croquet stroke getting K to 2 and a rush on U to Y, however he has played a good cut
15:45 &nbsp He's rushed to about 2 yds SW of 1, and approached it, and ran it.
15:47 &nbsp He ran 1 past the pioneer, so had to play a big split from near 1 to put partner to 3 and go to U near the EB. He's chopped U up the lawn a bit and rolled it out going to K at 2
15:49 &nbsp He's made 2 with a rush back to U, put K to 4 and rushed U to R which is about 3 yds in front of 3
15:51 &nbsp Reg has made 3 and is peeling R from about 18" with U 4ft to the side. He's peeled it by about 2 yds and got a rush S
15:52 &nbsp U is about 2ft ESE of 5 and Reg has just approached 4 with a little backward takeoff from the E. He's now made 4 and clubbed K back up the lawn.
15:54 &nbsp Reg rushed a bit close to R so could only get K between 3 & 6. He's rushed R to 2 yds in front of peult and is playing a death roll going to 5
15:56 &nbsp It's started to rain a little bit now. The peel didn't go through, and is now on the back of 6. I can't see if he can rush peel it, but it shouldn't be an issue. He's rushed U to a spot where he can easily put it to 1-b getting a rush on K to 6.
15:58 &nbsp Apparently R was rush peelable. Reg is now approaching 6 with 2 peels done.
16:00 &nbsp R has been put to about 3 yds in front of rover, and K has been rushed to the end of B-baulk
16:01 &nbsp K is about 3 yards short of good position at 2-b, and Reg has rushed to the side of 1-b so he won't be getting a forward rush (and he hasn't).
16:02 &nbsp Reg's roll from behind 1-b put out a good U to 3-b, but christed into R, he has chosen to split R to good peeling position and get a good rush on K rather than go for a speculative peel attempt
16:04 &nbsp Reg put K deep and ran 2-b to the boundary. He's rushed K back up the lawn and has put it to about 3yds in front of 4-b.
16:06 &nbsp He's dribbled partner to peeling position and has just peeled it by about 4 ft going to U at 3-b
16:07 &nbsp He ran 3-b past the pioneer, so rushed it back a coupl of yards and put it to rover, getting a rush on partner N, which he has taken to about 4 yds SE of penult.
16:09 &nbsp R went to 2ft in front of penult and K was rushed to 4-b. Reg has made 4-b and rushed K back to U for a slightly tighter rover ball, and has now rushed U back up to Y.
16:10 &nbsp Penult was made with no trouble, and R is now by the peg. U is behind rover and K is next to it.
16:12 &nbsp Rover was made, and Reg is now pegging out +5tp (2-0) The rain is coming down a bit harder now.
16:14 &nbsp A (hopefully) short break between games. Apparently it's a tea break.
16:27 &nbsp The players are back and Reg has put out a supershot, 2-3 yds NNW of 5. Jonathan has dribbled at it directly N and missed.
16:29 &nbsp Reg hit R of the double. Rushing it to near 6. He's taken off and got a rush on partner to 1
16:30 &nbsp He's made 1 but without a forward rush, and not quite played his roll hard enough, so he now has a rush pointing due N on R
16:31 &nbsp He's cut it to about 3 yards to the side of 2 and took off. He's just made 3, but K was too close and he didn't get a forward rush again.
16:34 &nbsp He played this roll perfectly. Getting K to 18" away from 5 and a 1 foot rush on R to 4. He's now made 4 and is putting R to 6.
16:36 &nbsp He's made 5 with R about 6" from 6.
16:36 &nbsp He's made 6, but didn't get a forward rush, so has to play a croquet stroke from about a yard behind 6 to put out his 2-b pioneer. R is a little short, about 4 yds in front of 2-b.
16:38 &nbsp Once again he's failed to get a forward rush, but since he's not going to be making 3-b it's not such an issue. He's taken off from near 1-b and rushed R on top of 2-b
16:40 &nbsp Reg's made 2-b and rushed R back up to K. He's now putting it to the WB getting a rush on K to the EB.
16:41 &nbsp Reg is about 20 yards down from II with about a 4ft rush pointing at R which looks about 2ft of the WB.
16:43 &nbsp Jonathan's taking the short shot.
16:44 &nbsp Jonathan missed.
16:47 &nbsp Reg has poked Y out about 6 yards, and has rushed U about 3 yds N of R. He's just rushed R to 2 ft from 1
16:48 &nbsp Reg's made 1 an rushed to the EB near Y. R is going to 4.
16:49 &nbsp Y was rushed to the W side of the lawn, and put to 2 ft from 3. Reg has made 2 and rushed to about 5 yards at a slight angle from 3-b
16:51 &nbsp U flicked the outside of the RH wire on the peel attempt. Reg hit R gently and took off down to Y.
16:53 &nbsp He's finally made a hoop with a forward rush, and rushed to about 2ft from U & R. Y has been stopped to a yard E of 5.
16:54 &nbsp Reg hit R and then stopped it to escape posn and rushed U to 4. He's made 4 and has done the peel. U has gone through by about 10 yards.
16:56 &nbsp R has gone to about 2 yds WSW of 4-b. Reg has made 5, and Y has joined its partner about 4 yds WNW of 4-b
16:58 &nbsp Reg has rushed U well to about 2 yds straight in front of 4-b
16:59 &nbsp Reg has peeled U by about 3 yards, and rushed to 6, and made it with a rush to III
17:00 &nbsp Reg has slightly underhit R and it's about 5 yds in front of 2-b. He's put U about 1 ft in front of penult, and rushed to 1-b
17:02 &nbsp He's christed off the Y coming through 1-b, and has waltered off the death roll, and has gone straight to R at 2-b.
17:04 &nbsp Reg has made 2-b and rushed back up to near penult. He's put R in the "box", but is still playing the deathe roll to 3-b. This is with a 3-b pioneer which is 2ft SSE of 3-b.
17:06 &nbsp He played the death roll well, and peeled U by 3 yards and got an easy roquet on Y. He's made 3-b with a forward rushand put Y to penult.
17:07 &nbsp Reg rushed U past R and stopped it a couple of yards from rover. He's rushed to 4-b and made it and rushed back to U.
17:09 &nbsp Reg poked R out to the side and rushed U to peeling position. He's taken off to Y and approached penult.
17:10 &nbsp Reg has made penult without a forward and rolled it a little short, it is still N of rover
17:12 &nbsp R has gone 2 rds behind the hoop and Reg has got a 6" straight peel.
17:12 &nbsp The peel has gone through by 7 yards and Reg has hit R and got a rush on Y to the peelee
17:13 &nbsp Reg rushed Y a little close to U, and didn't have a perfect rush. He's rushed U to about 3 yards from the peg


&nbsp Reg has pegged out +26qp (3-0).

So a Reg vs Rob final. And with the lawns turning into sponges with all this rain it could be anyone's. Hopefully I'll be able to continue with the commentary tomorrow, although getting a signal can sometimes be a problem near and in the clubhouse.



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