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East Dorset beat Medway 4-2

[<<] [>>] by Dave Trimmer at Medway.
16 Aug 2005 (AC - Mary Rose)

Tenacious dew conspired with the hirsute lawns and Barlow balls to confound the weary travellers from the west, until Jonathan Wood broke rank and steamed home. The doubles, at one stage seemed to be an exhibition of good leaves followed by miraculous hit-ins from both teams with Medway winning the attrition.

Attrition too, in the Crowe v Parkins game meant a pegging down after four hours of play. At one game apiece the home team supplied fine fare, lacking only a bevy of dancing girls, for lunch, for which the visitors were very grateful. Although Rodney Parkins stormed to a swift victory, East Dorset had the better of the afternoon play with wins from Trimmer and then Crowe to give the visitors a three two advantage, at which point the previously pegged down (Crowe v Parkins) game was reinstated for a further hour before it was finally abandoned due to Roy Edwards clinching a critical nail biter over Ian Price. East Dorset wish to thank Medway for their generous hospitality and a tough and exciting match.


East Dorset names first:

Dave Trimmer & Roy Edwards 19 Robert Alexander & Ian Price 26
John Crowe v Rodney Parkins Unfinished.
Jonathan Wood 26 Paul Miles 13

Dave Trimmer 26 Robert Alexander 12
Roy Edwards 26 Ian Price 21
John Crowe 26 Paul Miles 21
Jonathan Wood 5 Rodney Parkins 26


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