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WCF announces major initiative to develop croquet and member associations around the world

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22 Sep 2005 (International)

The WCF is pleased to announce a major initiative to develop the sport of croquet and its member associations around the world.

Whilst many WCF members are well developed in knowledge, infrastructure, volunteers and as a consequence, playing strength, many are not.

This is particularly the case of some Associate and Observer members who are yet to enjoy similar "luxuries" and yet, have ambitions to progress.

The WCF is keen to provide help and support by making available grants or loans on a whole or percentage basis to all its members and has formulated a WCF Development Programme, "in the pursuit of excellence".

The Development Programme, although seemingly grandiose in the first instance, will at first be modestly applied not only to gauge the strength of re-action from its membership, but also the quality of applications and the use to which the grants or loans are put. For example, it is more likely that member associations from less well developed nations will have priority in the early stages. Also of relevance is the amount of money that will be available to WCF from time to time.

Each application made to the Development Programme will be carefully assessed not only for viability but also for cost effectiveness, ultimately based upon expected results.

Examples of assistance that may be wholly or part funded by the WCF Development Programme are:

  • Coaching
  • Officiating
  • Administration
  • Infrastructure (but not the provision or purchase of equipment)

This will place a large burden on those seeking Development grants or loans to ensure and provide evidence that the proposed use is within their capability to utilise them to the best advantage, and with measurable results. For example, it would be worthless providing grants or loans for a capital project if the finances were not in place to actually cover the running costs.

Despite these caveats, all WCF members are encouraged to make application to the WCF Development Programme.

The WCF Management Committee has decided that it will act as the WCD Development Committee and administer the WCF Development Programme in the first instance. As the applications and decision making matures in the future, it is envisaged that persons, with specific expertise, will be appointed to assist.

full details of the WCF Development Programme


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