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Simon Williams won the 9th Irish Golf Croquet Championship

[<<] [>>] by Leo Dungan at Carrickmines
17 Sep 2018 2005 (GC)

Croquet was played in glorious sunshine throughout the Championship. The groundsman did his usual sterling job with the lawns which were in immaculate condition. Games were tightly contested with a very closely fought final.

The Irish Open - A Visitor's Prospective (Chris Sheen)

Over a warm autumn weekend at Carrickmines the Irish Open Golf Croquet was played. Unfortunately last year's champion John Moore was not on hand to defend his title but there were a number of past winner in the starting blocks. It was also nice to see several novice entries for whom it was their first tournament and they performed with credit. The block stage produced some close matches with the winners progressing to two further blocks from where the top two played in the semi-finals. Block 1 was particularly tight with a three way tie decided on net hoop difference, with Simon Williams and Mark McInerney winning through to the detriment of . In the other block Chris Sheen from England & Jane Shorten were top and played their respective opponents in the knock-out stage. Neither could match the power of Williams and McInerney and so the dream All Irish final was staged! It proved both close and exciting for the spectators with Simon Williams against the odds prevailing over Mark McInerney. Throughout it could have gone either way but the sheer persistence of Williams just won the day. A new champion was crowned and the much vaunted hospitality was as evident as usual.


Matches were single 13-point games.

Block 1

Syd Jones 3 wins: beat Brian Harris 7-4, Bill Brosnan 7-5, Danny Johnston 7-4
Brian Harris 2 wins: beat Bill Brosnan 7-3, Danny Johnston 7-4
Evan Newell 4 wins: beat Syd Jones 7-3, Danny Johnston 7-5, Brian Harris 7-4, Bill Brosnan 7-2
Bill Brosnan 1 win: beat Danny Johnston 7-5
Danny Johnston 0 wins
Jane Shorten 5 wins : beat Brian Harris 7-4, Bill Brosnan 7-2, Syd Jones 7-3, Danny Johnston 7-3, Evan Newell 7-5

Final Block 1 Positions: 1st Jane Shorten, 2nd Evan Newell, 3rd Syd Jones, 4th Brian Harris, 5th Bill Brosnan, 6th Danny Johnston

Block 2

Ray Flood 4 wins: beat Carl von Schmieder 7-2, Derek Old 7-6, Bruno Orsi 7-3, Monika Brosnan 7-3
Derek Old 3 wins: beat Monika Brosnan 7-4, Bruno Orsi 7-2, Andrew Murphy 7-4
Bruno Orsi 0 wins
Andrew Murphy 4 wins: beat Bruno Orsi 7-4, Ray Flood 7-6, Monika Brosnan 7-2, Carl von Schmieder 7-5
Monika Brosnan 1 win: beat Bruno Orsi 7-4
Carl von Schmieder 3 wins: beat Bruno Orsi 7-2, Monika Brosnan 7-2, Derek Old 7-6

Final Block 2 Positions: 1st Andrew Murphy, 2nd Ray Flood, 3rd Derek Old, 4th Carl, 5th Monika Brosnan, 6th Bruno Orsi

Block 3

Morgan Power 2 wins: beat Linda Pullman 7-3, Victoria Browne 7-6
Victoria Browne 1 win: beat Linda Pullman 7-5
Harry Johnston 3 wins: beat Morgan Power 7-2, Victoria Browne 7-2, Lindan Pullmnan 7-6
Chris Sheen 5 wins: beat Linda Pullman 7-4, Harry Johnston 7-6, Victoria Browne 7-1, Simon Williams 7-2, Morgan Power 7-4
Linda Pullman 0 wins
Simon Williams 4 wins: beat Linda Pullman 7-4, Morgan Power 7-6, Harry Johnston 7-2, Victoria Browne 7-6

Final Block 3 Positions: 1st Chris Sheen, 2nd Simon Williams, 3rd Harry Johnston, 4th Morgan Power, 5th Victoria Browne, 6th Linda Pullman

Block 4

Jacqui Old 1 win: beat Ben Harris 7-1
Edward Cunningham 4 wins: beat Jacqui Old 7-5, Mary Dobbyn 7-0, Yvonne Marrinan 7-3, Ben Harris 7
1 Mary Dobbyn 1 win: beat Jacqui Old 7-5
Mark McInerney 5 wins: beat Ben Harris 7-4, Jacqui Old 7-0, Edward Cunningham 7-5, Yvonne Marrinan 7-3, Mary Dobbyn 7-1
Ben Harris 2 wins: Mary Dobbyn 7-3, Yvonne Marrinan 7-4
Yvonne Marrinan 2 wins: beat Jacqui Old 7-5, Mary Dobbyn 7-5

Final Block 4 Positions: 1st Mark McInerney, 2nd Edward Cunningham, 3rd Yvonne Marrinan, 4th Ben Harris, 5th Jacqui Old, 6th Mary Dobbyn

Top 8 Winners' Blocks

Block A

Jane Shorten 2 wins: beat Ray Flood 7-1, Edward Cunningham 7-6
Ray Flood 0 wins
Chris Sheen 3 wins beat Edward Cunningham 7-4, Ray Flood 7-2, Jane Shorten 7-6
Edward Cunningham 1 win beat Ray Flood 7-4

Block B

Evan Newell 2 wins beat Andrew Murphy 7-6, Simon Williams 7-5
Andrew Murphy 0 wins
Simon Williams 2 wins beat Andrew Murphy 7-2, Mark McInerney 7-5
Mark McInerney 2 wins beat Andrew Murphy 7-1, Evan Newell 7-6

Block decided on who beat whom and net points


Best-of-3 13-point games

Simon Williams beat Jane Shorten 7-3 7-5
Mark McInerney beat Chris Sheen 7-4 7-5


Best-of-3, 13-point games

Simon Williams beat Mark McInerney 4-7 7-4 7-6

The remaining 16 competitors played doubles in two blocks:
Semi-finals: single 13-point game Brian Harris & Jacqui Old beat Carl von Schmieder 7-4 Morgan Power and Bill Brosnan beat Yvonne Marrinan 7-0

Final: single 13-point game
Brian Harris & Jacqui Old beat Morgan Power and Bill Brosnan 7-4


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