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How to shoot croquet players

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3rd February 2006 (International)

The new article on is "How to shoot croquet players" announcing a worldwide photo contest.

Perhaps one reason our sport is so sadly undervalued is the paucity of published photographs that show the challenge, the drama, the excitement of croquet at its best - the kind of photos that should grace every croquet website and every article on croquet published in the mainstream press. In addition to already published photos (which may be submitted) we're betting there are MANY good and undiscovered croquet photos out there for which there has been no occasion for publication. We wish to provide the occasion.

We don't offer cash or merchandise prizes in our photo contest, but there will be glory aplenty in being acknowledged as the best in one of four or five categories - not even to speak of BEST OVERALL.

The jury will be the newly-expanded staff of

You don't need to know the category types (they aren't finalized yet); just send in the photos with any other information you'd like to share, especially including the proper photo credit. Preferred are photos sized for the web, 100k or less.

The winners will be announced and published within a couple of months in, along with a special headlined profile on the winner of the BEST OVERALL category.

Several people have submitted multiple entries, which is fine, but I have to warn you, I'll probably pre-screen them before submitting a smaller number to the other two CroquetWorld staff people on the jury. And I say this without prejudice, as I have not looked at the photos yet. I hope they're all sufficiently brilliant that I'll have to submit them all!

We will accept entries after February 8, to give people one more weekend to get their photos together before closing the contest.

Bob Alman, Editor

Charles Waterfield adds "have a look at the Maui Club photo-gallery maintained by Leo Nikora. Well worth a browse on


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