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Hamptworth January weekend

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28th & 29th January 2006 (AC)

Manager: James Tuttiett.

A motley crew descended onto the edge of the New Forest to defy the elements and play croquet on the frozen turf, clad in protective clothing of many colours, a good weekend was had by all. Frozen ground, quick at first, but slowed as frost went, hoops untrivial in frozen ground, easier in the afternoon, possibly trivial, well, some of them.

Day 1. 18pt Adv Level. Partner clip to 3b when 1 run. Kevin Carter streaked away from the rest, unbeaten on 4/4. A few stayed in touch, three others with 3/4. Not a quad in sight, despite numerous attempts. Lunch was the highlight, Mr Tuttiett presented the order to the kitchen, along with a list of the specials of the day. Naturally the cook decided to prepare the entire specials list before either the error became apparent, or he started on the actual order. A slight delay followed, the manager protested his innocence, but unconvincingly. Never mind, all four games completed by dusk at about 5pm.

Day 2. 26pt Adv Level. The Jolly Green Giant, in a fetching windproof, heavily insulated, green track suit affair, could not maintain the pace of yesterday, which could have been backgammon influenced. Instead, Dave Trimmer did not lose a game to finish on 6/7 and ahead of the rest. Only a couple of games went to time, 2hrs, three triples were recorded, one by KC v. Chris Daniels, which supports the backgammon influence. Lunch was uneventful apart from the assembled company's admiration of Mr Trimmers appetite, truly formidable, but it was a cold day and an excellent carvery.

Full Results

Dave Trimmer 0 6/7 154pts
James Tuttiett 1/2 5/7 144
Richard Dickson -1/2 5/7 123
Kevin Carter -1/2 5/7 122
Roger Hayes -1/2 3/7 94
Chris Daniels -1/2 3/7 80
Peter Fry 6 1/7 50 Peter elected to play handicap Adv games.
Brian Fisk 1/2 0 41

All start with 100pts, exchange as normal handicap steps, extra 4 for a quad, 3 a triple.


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