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Results of NWFCC Advanced weekend

[<<] [>>] by Geoff Young at Heaton Park
April 8-9 2006 (Other News)

The North-west Federation's annual advanced tournament was held at Heaton Park in a brisk English spring weekend, cold and windy with intermittent precipitation, some of it hail. The lawns were in fine condition and play was brisk and competitive. Full results are attached.

Ten players from five clubs contested the A-class event for the Neil Williams Trophy. The draw pitted Ian Lines against Colin Irwin in the first round, Colin winning +17TP. Star of the Saturday was Dave Nick winning all four of his games including a TPO against Colin, while Ian was at the winning end of three TPs. On the Sunday Ian continued in steady form while others faltered. Shock of the weekend was plus-handicap Richard Griffiths' victory over Colin in the final round. Leaders at the end of the flexible Swiss were Lines 6/7, Burnett 6/8 and Dave Nick and Irwin 5/8.

In the B-class event eight, drawn again from five clubs, competed. Paul Rigge dominated from the start, winning all three of his games each day. Runners-up were Andrew Winn and Ray Lowe.

A Class, Neil Williams Trophy

Alan Pidcock bt Bob Burnett +7
Richard Griffiths bt Ken Cooper +11
Dave Nick bt Jerry Guest +26
Brian Storey bt David Barrett +25
Colin Irwin bt Ian Lines +17TP
Dave Nick bt Storey 26TP
Guest bt Barrett +17
Dave Nick bt Griffiths +15
Lines bt Cooper 26TP
Irwin bt Pidcock +14
Burnett bt Storey +5TP
Lines bt Guest +15TP
Cooper bt Barrett +16
Dave Nick bt Irwin +11TPO
Burnett bt Griffiths +17
Pidcock bt Storey +8
Guest bt Cooper +14
Lines bt Burnett +17TP

Barrett bt Griffiths +3
Lines bt Dave Nick +4
Burnett bt Irwin +17
Pidcock bt Guest +24
Storey bt Cooper +14TP
Guest bt Griffiths +19
Burnett bt Barrett +14
Irwin bt Cooper +5TP
Dave Nick bt Pidcock +3
Burnett bt Guest +8
Lines bt Storey +22TP
Irwin bt Barrett +22TP
Storey bt Griffiths +25
Cooper bt Dave Nick +5
Lines bt Barrett +18TP
Irwin bt Guest +22
Storey bt Guest +17
Griffiths bt Irwin +8
Burnett bt Dave Nick +10

Lines 6/7
Burnett 6/8
Dave Nick, Irwin 5/8
Pidcock 3/5
Storey 4/8
Guest 3/9
Cooper, Griffiths 2/7
Barrett 1/7

Handicap Change

Pidcock for 0 to -0.5

B-Class - Millennium Trophy

Dennis Graham bt Keith Roberts +6T
Ray Lowe bt Peter Wilson +22
Paul Rigge bt John Wastell +22
Liz Wilson bt Andrew Winn +2T
Rigge bt Lowe +1T
P Wilson bt Wastell +1T
L Wilson bt Graham +8
Winn bt Roberts +1T
Rigge bt L Wilson +26
Lowe bt Graham +15
Winn bt P Wilson +1T
Wastell bt Roberts +10

Rigge bt Winn +11
Lowe bt L Wilson +14
P Wilson bt Roberts +2
Graham bt Wastell +8
Lowe bt Wastell +16
Rigge bt P Wilson +8
L Wilson bt Roberts +9
Winn bt Graham +5
Winn bt Lowe +13
P Wilson bt Graham +2
Wastell bt L Wilson +18
Rigge bt Roberts +18

Rigge 6/6
Winn 4/6
Lowe 4/6
P Wilson, L Wilson 3/6
Graham 2/6
Wastell 2/6
Roberts 0/6

Handicap Changes

Rigge 2.5 to 2
Roberts 4.5 to 5


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