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Stephen Mulliner won the Southwick Salver

[<<] [>>] by Dave Kibble at Southwick
8/9 April 2006 (AC)

Stephen Mulliner won the Southwick Salver in a nail-biting final with a masterful winning turn. David Harrison-Wood had got to peg and 4-back before Stephen decided to start playing (having bounced off 4 a few times). Stephen got in and pegged out DHW. From the contact, DHW only got in front of 4-back, Stephen joined, DHW ran 4-back and got in front of penult, Stephen moved him to corner III and laid up the wrong way round by hoop 1, they repeated, with Stephen getting the leave right. DHW went to corner II, Stephen laid an almost wired rush to 1, DHW went just over a foot outside II, Stephen ran 1, rushed to the North boundary behind 2 from where a good take-off, rush and stop-shot allowed him to get a 3-ball break which he took to the peg without any incident.

The luck of the draw had Stephen playing DHW in an early plate game as well as the final. Manager, Dave Kibble, couldn't figure out a way of abiding by the regulations and putting both byes in the same half to give a better balance to the games. Stephen had quite a bit of hanging around, polishing off DHW in an early plate game to start with, then waiting for a late-start "quality" match between Strat Liddiard and Alex Jardine that involved a pegged-out ending, then a long wait for DHW vs. Jack Wicks, all of which ended the dream of a best-of-three final after the best-of-three semi-finals. Jack, getting to the semi with a scrappy but respectable win over favourite Mark Avery, was not in the mood for the advertised 3rd/4th place play-off so his long-waiting prospective opponent was given a "late plate" game.

As has now become expected, the catering was first-class and much welcome in the cold but dry and sunny weather. The lawns were looking better than ever but proved to have been victim to the poor weather - top dressing to fill-in the slitting had not been possible on lawns 6 thru 9 leaving "tramlines" that took balls off-line. I'm sure they will be in tip-top condition within a few weeks though.

Mark Avery beat Robert Alexander +17
Paul Castell beat David Mumford +3
Jack Davies beat Jolyon Creasey +3
Jack Wicks beat Christine Constable +7
Mark Gooding beat Rodney Parkins +8
Paul Salisbury beat Louise Bradforth +23
Dave Kibble beat Alan Mayne +21tp
Strat Liddiard beat Alex Jardine +4
David Parkins beat Nigel Gale +26
Nick Harris beat Peter Quinn +25
Lionel Tibble beat Gene Mears +15
Richard Dickson beat Jon Male +8
Dave Trimmer beat Peter Thompson +25tp
Rutger Beijderwellen beat David Mooney +26tp

Mark Avery beat Paul Castell +17
Jack Wicks beat Jack Davies +1
David Harrison-Wood beat Mark Gooding +9
Paul Salisbury beat Dave Kibble +14
Stephen Mulliner beat Strat Liddiard +25
Nick Harris beat David Parkins +5
Richard Dickson beat Lionel Tibble +12tp
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Dave Trimmer +25TP

Jack Wicks beat Mark Avery +22
David Harrison-Wood beat Paul Salisbury +7tp
Stephen Mulliner beat Nick Harris +20
Richard Dickson beat Rutger Beijderwellen +18

David Harrison-Wood beat Jack Wicks +19 +5
Stephen Mulliner beat Richard Dickson +25 12tp

Stephen Mulliner beat David Harrison-Wood +3


Rutger Beijderwellen 5/6 83%
Dave Kibble 5/6 83%
Richard Dickson 4/5 80%
Paul Salisbury 4/5 80%
Lionel Tibble 4/6 67%
Jon Male 4/6 67%
Mark Avery 2/3 67%
Nick Harris 3/5 60%
David Parkins 3/5 60%
Dave Trimmer 3/6 50%
David Mooney 3/6 50%
Paul Castell 3/6 50%
Peter Quinn 2/4 50%
Gene Mears 2/4 50%
Mark Gooding 2/5 40%
Louise Bradforth 2/5 40%
Strat Liddiard 2/5 40%
Robert Alexander 2/5 40%
Christine Constable 2/5 40%
Peter Thompson 2/6 33%
Jolyon Creasey 2/6 33%
Jack Davies 1/5 20%
David Mumford 1/5 20%
Alex Jardine 1/5 20%
Nigel Gale 1/5 20%
Rodney Parkins 1/5 20%
Alan Mayne 0/5 0%

One-Ball Play-Off (at 18:40 in heavy freezing rain) Rutger Beijderwellen beat Dave Kibble

Full Plate Results

Stephen Mulliner beat David Harrison-Wood +14
David Mooney beat Peter Thompson +11
Robert Alexander beat Nigel Gale +19
Peter Quinn beat Louise Bradforth +1t
Gene Mears beat Alan Mayne +1
Jon Male beat Rodney Parkins +26
Jolyon Creasey beat Christine Constable +11
Dave Trimmer beat David Mumford +4t
Dave Kibble beat Alex Jardine +20
Lionel Tibble beat Strat Liddiard +3
Paul Castell beat David Mooney +12
Peter Thompson beat Rodney Parkins +12
Jon Male beat Robert Alexander +2t
Christine Constable beat Nigel Gale +5t
Mark Gooding beat Jack Davies +3tpo
David Parkins beat Peter Quinn +15
Louise Bradforth beat Jolyon Creasey +17
Dave Kibble beat Jack Wicks +4
Dave Trimmer beat Alan Mayne +22
David Mumford beat Alex Jardine +11
David Harrison-Wood beat Peter Thompson +17
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Nick Harris +23stp
Dave Kibble beat Dave Trimmer +3
Lionel Tibble beat David Parkins +9
David Mooney beat Jack Davies +9
Paul Castell beat Mark Gooding +9
Louise Bradforth beat Peter Thompson +13
Strat Liddiard beat Robert Alexander +2
Paul Salisbury beat Gene Mears +19
Peter Quinn beat Jolyon Creasey +8
Rodney Parkins beat Alex Jardine +10t
Nigel Gale beat Alan Mayne +10
Jon Male beat Christine Constable +11
David Parkins beat David Mumford +14
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Lionel Tibble +26
Nick Harris beat Mark Gooding +3
David Mooney beat Jolyon Creasey +15
Christine Constable beat Jack Davies +6
Jon Male beat Paul Castell +4
Gene Mears beat Rodney Parkins +5
Paul Salisbury beat Dave Trimmer +3
Peter Thompson beat Nigel Gale +5
Alex Jardine beat Alan Mayne +4
Robert Alexander beat Louise Bradforth +26
Dave Kibble beat Strat Liddiard +5
Jolyon Creasey beat David Mumford +5
Lionel Tibble beat David Mooney +7
Richard Dickson beat Paul Castell +4
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Jon Male +24tp


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