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Paul Salisbury won the Surbiton Easter Handicap Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Samir Patel at Surbiton
14-15 Apr 2006 (AC - Handicap)

Paul Salisbury [1] won the Surbiton Easter Handicap tournament, finishing unbeaten after 6 rounds, including a +7TP over Chris Barham [14].

This was not the only TP of the weekend - apart from the predictable TPs from Jeff Dawson [-2] (a +26TP over John Timberlake [12]) and Samir Patel [-1.5], the first was actually a TPO by Robert Pennant-Jones over Jeff Dawson, although he finally fell -5 OTP.

Of the 92 games completed during the tournament, five finished by 1 on time, including fittingly the final game. Colin Dalziel [12] (who had earlier earnt his Silver Merit Award) and Chris Barham [14] (playing in his first tournament) were playing to potentially be in contention to win the tournament (although Paul's final win made this irrelevant). As time was called, Colin found himself having just over-rolled rover with partner for 4-back and still needing 3 points to tie. Not to be deterred, he took on a 15 yarder at partner and clipped it to about 4-yards in front of 4-back. The peel was perfectly clean (almost to the yard line). He then turned around and hit the remaining opponent ball in corner 1 (!) before taking off to a 1 yard straight position at rover and making the hoop to the boundary. Unfortunately, at this point play reverted to the standard of the previous 3 hours, and Colin missed his return roquet (trying to rush it to North Boundary) to give Chris the game +1(t) and second place in the tournament.

Chris Farthing [-1.5] attempting a Surbiton Triple (winning the first three tournaments of the season, golf, handicap and advanced and all played within 10 days) 'only' managed to finish in third place.

Final Positions

100% Paul Salisbury
83% Chris Barham
80% Chas Fellows
71% Chris Farthing
66% Chris Daniels
66% Barry Gould
66% Colin Dalziel
60% Jon Diamond
60% Patrick Swales
60% Bernard Jones
57% Nigel Graves
57% Gary Bennett
57% Jeff Dawson
50% Samir Patel
50% John Timberlake
50% Nigel Polhill
50% Brian Rees
50% Julie Hudson
50% Mike Lambert
42% Chris Patmore
40% Quiller Barrett
40% Gina Lewis
40% John Reddish
40% Michael Hague
40% Sue Strong
33% Robert Pennant Jones
33% Peter Quinn
20% Ian Parkinson
20% Jeffrey Rushby
20% Julian Straw
16% Martin Mander
0% Bob Pritchard

Handicap Changes

Colin Dalziel 12 to 11 - Silver Merit Award
Paul Salisbury 1.0 to 0.5
Bob Pritchard 12 to 14
Chas Fellows 12 to 11
Chris Barhan 14 to 12

Results to Date

Patrick Swales beat Ian Parkinson +6(t)
Colin Dalziel beat Jeffrey Rushby +16
Quiller Barrett beat Samir Patel +26
John Timberlake beat Mike Lambert +14
Jeff Dawson beat Robert Pennant Jones +5 OTP
Paul Salisbury beat Chris Patmore +26
Jon Diamond beat Bernard Jones +1
Martin Mander beat Peter Quinn +20
Chris Barham beat Julian Straw +17
Chris Farthing beat Bob Pritchard +14
Nigel Polhill beat John Reddish +7
Sue Strong beat Barry Gould +1(t)
Gary Bennett beat Michael Hague +5
Nigel Graves beat Gina Lewis +20
Chas Fellows beat Julie Hudson +4
Chris Daniels beat Brian Rees +10
Paul Salisbury beat Quiller Barrett +20
Samir Patel beat Bob Pritchard +11
Robert Pennant Jones beat Chris Patmore +5
Chris Farthing beat Jeff Dawson +26
Gina Lewis beat Mike Lambert +6
John Timberlake beat Nigel Graves +18
Chris Barham beat Martin Mander +15
Michael Hague beat Peter Quinn +16
Julian Straw beat John Reddish +5
Nigel Polhill beat Gary Bennett +21
Barry Gould beat Brian Rees +12
Jon Diamond beat Chris Daniels +7
Colin Dalziel beat Patrick Swales +1(t)
Bernard Jones beat Jeffrey Rushby +1(t)
Julie Hudson beat Ian Parkinson +25
Sue Strong beat Chas Fellows +14
Paul Salisbury beat Chris Farthing +26
Jeff Dawson beat Quiller Barrett +8
Chris Patmore beat Bob Pritchard +12
Robert Pennant Jones beat Gary Bennett +25
Nigel Polhill beat Jon Diamond +12
Chris Daniels beat Martin Mander +7
Julie Hudson beat Michael Hague +10
Chris Barham beat John Timberlake +11
Nigel Graves beat Samir Patel +22
Peter Quinn beat Ian Parkinson +3
Chris Farthing beat Gina Lewis +8
Mike Lambert beat Gary Bennett +15
Colin Dalziel beat Sue Strong +18
Barry Gould beat Julian Straw +20
Bernard Jones beat Patrick Swales +1(t)
Chas Fellows beat Nigel Graves +13
Brian Rees beat John Reddish +4
Chris Patmore beat Jeffrey Rushby +6
Paul Salisbury beat Nigel Polhill +15
Samir Patel beat Robert Pennant Jones +18 TP
Chris Barham beat Chris Farthing +9
John Reddish beat Jeffrey Rushby +10
Ian Parkinson beat Bob Pritchard +10
Jeff Dawson beat John Timberlake +26 TP
Chas Fellows beat Nigel Polhill +5
Brian Rees beat Peter Quinn +20
Nigel Graves beat Chris Daniels +25
Gary Bennett beat Martin Mander +3
Michael Hague beat Robert Pennant Jones +11(t)
Gina Lewis beat Quiller Barrett +12
Barry Gould beat Samir Patel +14
Julie Hudson beat Jon Diamond +6
Paul Salisbury beat Colin Dalziel +8
Mike Lambert beat Chris Patmore +26
Bernard Jones beat Sue Strong +5
Patrick Swales beat Julian Straw +24
Chris Daniels beat John Timberlake +18
Barry Gould beat Jeff Dawson +26
Chris Farthing beat Nigel Graves +16
Gary Bennett beat Peter Quinn +13
Samir Patel beat Martin Mander +8 TP
Chris Patmore beat Brian Rees +4
Paul Salisbury beat Chris Barham +7 TP
Jon Diamond beat Mike Lambert +5
Colin Dalziel beat Julie Hudson +15
Quiller Barrett beat Ian Parkinson +11
Patrick Swales beat Gina Lewis +7
John Reddish beat Bob Pritchard +11
John Timberlake beat Robert Pennant Jones +23
Jeffrey Rushby beat Julian Straw +4
Chris Daniels beat Nigel Polhill +5
Chas Fellows beat Barry Gould +14
Nigel Graves beat Jeff Dawson +26
Chris Farthing beat Michael Hague +6
Gary Bennett beat Bernard Jones +11
Peter Quinn beat Sue Strong +13
Brian Rees beat Martin Mander +10
Jeff Dawson beat Chris Patmore +3
Chris Barham beat Colin Dalziel +1(t)
Mike Lambert beat Julie Hudson +26


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