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Jane Pringle won the First Pendle and Craven Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament

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6/7th May 2006 (GC)

A tournament of two halves, weather-wise - wonderful, warm, spring sunshine on the Saturday followed by mizzly, cold weather on the Sunday. However, the mixed weather did not effect this keenly contested event restricted to players with handicaps of 0 to 6 inclusive. The twenty players in contention represented clubs from Edgbaston, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Auckland, Fylde, Bowdon and Pendle and Craven.

Players were allocated into two roughly equal blocks of ten, with all playing all in 13 point games with a 45 minutes time limit. The first day's play commenced at 9.30am and was completed by 7.45pm. an exhausting day for those four qualifiers from each block who progressed through to the knockout stages. The quarter and semi-finals were played over three sets to 13 points with the final being the best of five.

By the start of the second days play Eddie Taylor (Pendle/Craven), Jane Pringle (Auckland), Whit Naylor (Auckland) and Derek Buxton (Ashby) had fought their way into the last four. This left Carol Brady (Auckland), Irene Burns (Auckland), Ken Pimlott (Bowdon) and Keith Pinching (Pendle/Craven) to compete for the minor placings. Then in the rain, after a nail-biting last set Jane Pringle beat Eddie Taylor (5/7, 7/4, 7/6), whilst Derek Buxton gained victory over Whit Naylor (7/3, 5/7, 7/5).

On a tricky lawn in testing weather Jane and Derek contested the final. Jane, who had paced herself well throughout the two days, took an early two game lead. Not to be deterred Derek fought back gallantly to win the third game on the last hoop. Alas, after this brief flurry, it was not the start of a successful fight back by Derek since Jane's resolve carried her over the finishing line by winning the fourth game. The final result was 7/3, 7/6, 6/7, 7/4. Jane's win at Pendle and Craven continued her period of success following her win in the plate event in last year's Women's World Golf Croquet Championships in Cairo.

Those players who weren't involved in the knockout stages of the singles competition participated in a consolation doubles event. Single 19 point games were played with a one-hour limit. Doris Cole (Auckland) and Alan Morton (Fylde) ran out magnificent winners having beaten all the opposition.

The whole two days was admirably managed by Abdul Ahmad and together with the superb catering left the competitors looking forward to the 2nd Pendle and Craven Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament.


Preliminary Block Stages

Players were allocated to 2 blocks of 10 each. All play All. Single 13 points games. 45 minutes time limit. Draws were accepted as valid results. Top 4 in each block progressed to a knock-out to determine top 8 places.

Final Block 1 Order of Merit

1st Eddie Taylor 8/9; 2nd Whitford H Naylor 6/9; 3rd Jane Pringle 6/9;
4th Derek Buxton 5/9; 5th Ros Pimlott 5/9; 6th Sylvia Pinching 4/9;
7th Peter Dowdall 4/9; 8th Freda Rogers 4/9; 9th Dorris Cole 3/9;
10th Catherine Morton 0/10

Final Block 2 Order of Merit

1st Keith Pinching 8/9; 2nd Irene Burns 8/9; 3rd Ken Pimlott 5.5/9;
4th Carol Brady 5/9; 5th Richard Thompson 5/9; 6th Alan Morton 4.5/9;
7th Geoff Whittaker 3.5/9; 8th Barbara Dutton 2/9; 9th Eileen Buxton 2/9;
10th Shiela Glenn 1.5/9

Knockout and Play-Offs Results

To determine top 8 places at the tournament. All matches best of 3; 13 points games except the Final which consisted of Best of 5; 13 points games. There was no time limit imposed on these matches.


Eddie Taylor beat Carol Brady 6/7; 7/6; 7/1
Jane Pringle beat Irene Burns 7/3; 7/3
Whitford H Naylor beat Ken Pimlott 7/4; 7/4
Derek Buxton beat Keith Pinching 7/4; 4/7; 7/4


Jane Pringle beat Eddie Taylor 5/7; 7/4; 7/6
Derek Buxton beat Whitford H Naylor 7/3; 5/7; 7/5


Jane Pringle beat Derek Buxton 7/3; 7/6; 6/7; 7/4

Minor Places

3rd Whitford H Naylor beat Eddie Taylor 7/5; 5/7; 7/4
4th Eddie Taylor
5th Keith Pinching beat Ken Pimlott 7/2; 7/4; beat Irene Burns 6/7; 7/5; 7/3
6th Irene Burns beat Carol Brady 7/6; 7/6
7th Carol Brady beat Ken Pimlott 7/3; 7/2
8th Ken Pimlott

Handicap Changes

Keith Pinching 2 to 0
Jane Pringle 2 to 0
Irene Burns 3 to 1
Whitford H Naylor 3 to 2
Eddie Taylor 4 to 2

Consolation Doubles Event

The players who weren't involved in the final stages of the singles competition were paired off and played in an All play All doubles contest. Single 19 points games. 1hour time limit was imposed.

Winners: Dorris Cole & Alan Morton won 5/5
2nd Peter Dowdall & Barbara Dutton 3/5
3rd Freda Rogers & Geoff Whittaker 3/5
4th Catherine Morton & Richard Thompson 1/5
5th Ros Pimlott & Shiela Glenn 2/5
6th Sylvia Pinching & Eileen Buxton 1/5


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