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Noble Wins Prichard At Hunstanton

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pictureGeorge Noble in play

by Ian Storey at Hunstanton
29 April-1 May 2006 (AC)

Robert Prichard Advanced Weekend at Hunstanton

Typical Hunstanton May Bank Holiday weather - Saturday and Sunday were sunny with a fresh breeze, Monday began with drizzle then turned sunny and calm. Playing conditions were very good and Ian Vincent timed the lawns at 11 seconds, fast for early season. Further stat for anoraks - average game time was 2 hours 6 minutes. Several triples including a combination peg out, several failed triples and at least four attempted sextuples which, fortunately for the manager who had promised drinks for success, remained only attempts. In the very last game Fingers overcame Digger to snatch a podium place for himself and deny the latter from winning the tournament, leaving a Noble smile on one competitor's face.

Winner: George Noble
Second: Ian Burridge
Third: Phil Eardley

George Noble beat Ian Vincent +20
Phil Eardley beat Neil Chalmers +19
Ken Anderton beat Rodney Parkins +4
Howard Bottomley beat Celia Steward +22
Nick Harris beat Martin Leach +22
Rod Ashwell beat Terry Sparkes +14(t)
Ian Burridge beat Jon Watson +20 TP
George Collin beat Celia Pearce +25
Chris Patmore beat Veronica Carlilse +14
Ben Ashwell beat Tom Anderson +1(t)
Jeff Race beat John Wheeler +25
Ian Burridge beat George Collin +26
Jon Watson beat Celia Pearce +23
Ian Vincent beat Celia Steward +17
Howard Bottomley beat George Noble +8
Phil Eardley beat Nick Harris +17
Neil Chalmers beat Martin Leach +14
George Collin beat Ken Anderton +26
Jeff Race beat Ian Burridge +2
Rodney Parkins beat Rod Ashwell +8
Terry Sparkes beat John Wheeler +13
Chris Patmore beat John Watson +12
Veronica Carlilse beat Ben Ashwell +10
Tom Andeson beat Celia Pearce +1(t)
Howard Bottomley beat Ian Vincent +17
George Collin beat George Noble +16
Nick Harris beat Ian Burridge +1
Jeff Race beat Ken Anderton +4
Celia Steward beat Martin Leach +13
Phil Eardley beat Terry Sparkes +5
Ian Vincent beat Neil Chalmers +26
Howard Bottomley beat Chris Patmore +7
George Noble beat Ben Ashwell +25
Rod Ashwell beat George Collin +4
Rodney Parkins beat Veronica Carlilse +15
Jeff Race beat Howard Bottomley +3
Phil Eardley beat Chris Patmore +12
Nick Harris beat Rod Ashwell +15
Rodney Parkins beat George Collin +12
Ian Burridge beat Veronica Carlilse +9
George Noble beat Ken Anderton +26 TP
Terry Sparkes beat Neil Chalmers +1(t)
Jon Watson beat Celia Steward +25
Ben Ashwell beat John Wheeler +21
Celia Pearce beat Martin Leach +5
Ian Vincent beat Tom Anderson +22
Ian Burridge beat George Noble +17
Ken Anderton beat Veronica Carlilse +23
Ben Ashwell beat Celia Steward +20
Jon Watson beat Phil Eardley +24
Chris Patmore beat Jeff Race +22
Howard Bottomley beat Rod Ashwell +12
Nick Harris beat George Collin +13
Ian Burridge beat Terry Sparkes +25 TP
George Noble beat Neil Chalmers +24
Martin Leach beat John Wheeler +1(t)
Ken Anderton beat Celia Pearce +25
Ian Burridge beat Ben Ashwell +25 TP
Ian Vincent beat Terry Sparkes +13
Tom Anderson beat Neil Chalmers +2(t)
George Noble beat Rodney Parkins +24 TP
Chris Patmore beat Ian Burridge +25
Ben Ashwell beat Jeff Race +13
Veronica Carlilse beat Celia Steward +12
Jon Watson beat Ken Anderton +4 TP
Howard Bottomley beat Phil Eardley +8
George Noble beat Rod Ashwell +16
Martin Leach beat George Collin +9
Ian Burridge beat Rodney Parkins +12
Ian Vincent beat Chris Patmore +9
Ian Burridge beat Ian Vincent +22
Rod Ashwell beat Ken Anderton +17
Nick Harris beat Howard Bottomley +17
Veronica Carlilse beat Terry Sparkes +16
George Noble beat Jon Watson +26 TP
Tom Anderson beat Rodney Parkins +11
Ben Ashwell beat Chris Patmore +1(t)
Celia Steward beat John Wheeler +5(t)
Phill Eardley beat Jeff Race +21
Neil Chalmers beat Celia Pearce +3
Ian Burridge beat Martin Leach +20
Ian Vincent beat George Collin +26
Ian Burridge beat Rod Ashwell +25 STP
George Noble beat Nick Harris +26 TP
Howard Bottomley beat Ken Anderton +1
Jeff Race beat Jon Watson +5
Phil Eardley beat Veronica Calilse +24 TP
George Collin beat Tom Anderson +25
Ian Vincent beat Rodney Parkins +26 TP
Ben Ashwell beat Rod Ashwell +26 TP
Chris Patmore beat Nick Harris +16 TP
Martin Leach beat Terry Sparkes +24
Rodney Parkins beat Neil Chalmers +25
Phil Eardley beat Ian Burridge +23

Handicap Changes

Howard Bottomley -0.5 to -1
George Noble 0.5 to 0
Jeff Race 3 to 2.5


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