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Ian Lines and Nelson Morrow share the spoils at the Lancashire International Open Golf Croquet Championship

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pictureMorrow and Lines share spoils at LIOGCC (Photo: Abdul Ahmed)

by Abdul Ahmed at Heaton Park
1-2 April 2006 (GC - Championships)

The battle against the predicted heavy rain was lost on Sunday as the programme was nearing its conclusion. The lawns started to flood; and, Bury Croquet Club mindful of the damage that might be caused to the top class lawns if play continued brought proceedings to an end. The final of the singles event was abandoned without a ball being played. Ian Lines and Nelson Morrow shared the spoils.

Full Results

Preliminary Blocks Stages

Players allocated to 2 blocks of 9 each. All play All. Single 13 points games. 45 minutes time limit. Draws accepted as valid results. Top 4 in each block progress to a knock-out to determine top 8 places.

Block 1 Results

David Barrett beat Ros Pimlott 7/2
Roy Ware beat Gail Curry 5/4t
Jane Pringle beat Derek Buxton 6/5t
Ray Mounfield beat Richard Thompson 7/5
Ian Lines beat Gail Curry 7/4
Jane Pringle beat Ros Pimlott 7/3
Roy Ware beat Richard Thompson 7/4
Ray Mounfield beat Derek Buxton 7/5
Jane Pringle beat David Barrett 6/4t
Ian Lines beat Richard Thompson 7/3
Ray Mounfield beat Ros Pimlott 7/3
Roy Ware beat Derek Buxton 7/2
Richard Thompson beat Gail Curry 5/4t
Ray Mounfield beat David Barrett 7/5
Ian Lines beat Derek Buxton 7/2
Roy Ware beat Ros Pimlott 7/4
Ray Mounfield beat Jane Pringle 6/4t
Derek Buxton beat Gail Curry 7/3
Roy Ware beat David Barrett 7/6
Ian Lines beat Ros Pimlott 7/1
Derek Buxton beat Richard Thompson 7/5
Roy Ware beat Jane Pringle 7/3
Gail Curry beat Ros Pimlott 7/2
Ian Lines beat David Barrett 7/4
Ray Mounfield beat Roy Ware 7/5
Richard Thompson beat Ros Pimlott 7/1
Ian Lines beat Jane Pringle 7/2
David Barrett beat Gail Curry 7/2
Derek Buxton beat Ros Pimlott 7/4
Ian Lines beat Ray Mounfield 7/3
David Barrett beat Richard Thompson 7/2
Gail Curry beat Jane Pringle 7/5
Ian Lines beat Roy Ware 7/3
David Barrett v Derek Buxton 6/6 unresolved
Gail Curry beat Ray Mounfield 7/3
Richard Thompson beat Jane Pringle 6/4t

Final Block 1 Ranking

1st Ian Lines 8/8; 2nd Ray Mounfield 6/8; 3rd Roy Ware 6/8; 4th David Barrett 3.5/8;
5th Derek Buxton 3.5/8; 6th Gail Curry 3/8; 7th Richard Thompson 3/8;
8th Jane Pringle 3/8; 9th Ros Pimlott 0/8

Block 2 Results

Tim King beat Eileen Buxton 7/1
Mark Hamilton beat Alan Pidcock 5/2t
Nelson Morrow beat Freda Vitty 7/4
David Turner beat Irene Burns 7/4
Alan Pidcock beat Brian Storey 7/3
Freda Vitty beat Eileen Buxton 7/2
Mark Hamilton beat Irene Burns 7/2
Nelson Morrow beat David Turner 7/2
Tim King beat Freda Vitty 6/5t
Irene Burns beat Brian Storey 7/6
David Turner beat Eileen Buxton 7/3
Nelson Morrow beat Mark Hamilton 7/6
Alan Pidcock beat Irene Burns 6/4t
Tim King beat David Turner 7/5
Nelson Morrow beat Brian Storey 7/3
Mark Hamilton beat Eileen Buxton 7/3
David Turner beat Freda Vitty 7/3
Nelson Morrow beat Alan Pidcock 7/1
Tim King beat Mark Hamilton 7/1
Brian Storey beat Eileen Buxton 7/1
Irene Burns beat Nelson Morrow 6/5t
Freda Vitty beat Mark Hamilton 5/4t
Alan Pidcock beat Eileen Buxton 7/3
Tim King beat Brian Storey 7/4
David Turner beat Mark Hamilton 7/5
Irene Burns beat Eileen Buxton 7/6
Freda Vitty beat Brian Storey 7/5
Tim King beat Alan Pidcock 6/5t
Nelson Morrow beat Eileen Buxton 7/2
Brian Storey beat David Turner 7/2
Tim King beat Irene Burns 7/1
Freda Vitty beat Alan Pidcock 7/4
Brian Storey beat Mark Hamilton 7/6
Nelson Morrow beat Tim King 7/4
Alan Pidcock beat David Turner 7/2
Freda Vitty beat Irene Burns 7/2

Final Block 2 Ranking

1st Nelson Morrow 7/8; 2nd Tim King 7/8; 3rd Freda Vitty 5/8; 4th Brian Storey 4/8;
5th David Turner 3/8; 6th Mark Hamilton 3/8; 7th Alan Pidcock 3/8;
8th Irene Burns 3/8; 9th Eileen Buxton 0/8

Knockout (and Play-Offs)

To determine top 8 places at the tournament.
All matches best of 3; 13 points games.


Ian Lines beat Brian Storey 5/7, 7/6, 7/5
Tim King beat Roy Ware 7/1, 7/6
Ray Mounfield beat Freda Vitty 4/7, 7/6, 7/6
Nelson Morrow beat David Barrett 7/4, 7/6


Ian Lines beat Tim King 6/7, 7/5, 7/3
Nelson Morrow beat Ray Mounfield w/o


Ian Lines v Nelson Morrow NOT PLAYED.

Ian Lines and Nelson Morrow declared joint winners.

3rd Tim King beat Ray Mounfield w/o
4th Ray Mounfield

5th Roy Ware beat Brian Storey 2/7, 7/5, 7/4

5th Freda Vitty beat David Barrett 7/4, 5/7, 7/5

7th Brian Storey and David Barrett

Consolation Doubles Event

Winners: Derek Buxton and Mark Hamilton.
Runners-up: David Turner and Irene Burns.
Others: Richard Thompson and Ros Pimlott, Jane Pringle and Alan Pidcock; and, Gail Curry and Eileen Buxton


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