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David Maugham won the Bowdon June Advanced Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Ian Lines at Bowdon
5th June 2006 (AC)

The Bowdon June Advanced Weekend was won by David Maugham who beat Ian Lines in the final (+14otp, -19, -26tp, +14tp, +15tp), finishing at 7.15pm in glorious evening sunshine. The consolation Egyptian Event was won by Brian Storey, who only lost two games (to David Maugham in the semi-finals).

The Bowdon lawns were excellent, with hoops set firmly to 1/32nd. Various photos can be found on the Bowdon web site at

All the main event games went according to seeding (8 seeds), except Ian Lines beating Colin Irwin in the semi-finals. Ian won the first game +1 after Colin did all three peels of a triple and pegged out one of his own and Ian's peg ball. Ian hit the 14 yard lift from A baulk and 2 balled out from 4 back.

In the final, Ian went first every game, going 8 yards north of corner 4, David to corner 2 every game, Ian hit partner from A baulk every game! In the first game, Ian went off in corner 2 (lawns just on the fast side of medium), David to 4-back, but broke down (hampered) after hoop 1 with his second ball. Ian did the TPO leaving balls in corner 1 and 10 yards north of corner 4. David split from east boundary to corner 1, rolled off hoop 2 !, +14otp to David. In the next 4 games Ian had various rough dream leaves 3rd turn, and went round to 4-back 5th turn with diagonal spreads. In game 2 David started a TPO but broke down at 2-back after doing a death roll penult peel, leaving Ian a 7-yarder for an easy finish. In game 3, Ian had a 7th turn TP. In games 4 and 5 Ian broke down after a few hoops with the second ball, and David finished with tidy TPs, Ian missing the lifts by next to nothing.

The Peterson Trophy was presented to David by club president Sheila Black, and thanks were recorded to John Saxby and his team for the magnificent catering, and to all those involved in preparing and setting the lawns.

Main Event

First Round

David Maugham beat Barry Keen +26tp
Colin Irwin beat Roy Edwards +26
Jerry Guest beat Mike Steer +23
Brian Storey beat Peter Higgins +22tp
Ken Cooper beat Paul Rigge +17
David Barrett beat Lawrence Whittaker +14
Ian Lines beat Andrew Winn +6
Brian Fisk beat John Wastell +9

Quarter Finals

David Maugham beat David Barrett +16
Colin Irwin beat Brian Fisk +6
Ian Lines beat Ken Cooper +2
Brian Storey beat Jerry Guest +18

Semi Finals (Best of 3)

David Maugham beat Brian Storey +25tp, +14otp
Ian Lines beat Colin Irwin +1, +25tp


best of 5
David Maugham beat Ian Lines +14otp, -19, -26tp, +14tp, +15tp


David Maugham 7/9 (4 tps)  
Ian Lines 6/9 (2 tps, 1 otp)  
Brian Storey 5/7 (1 tp, 1 otp)  
David Barrett 5/7  
Jerry Guest 4/6 (1 tp)  
Lawrence Whittaker 4/6  
Colin Irwin 4/7  
Ken Cooper 3/6  
John Wastell 3/6
Brian Fisk 3/7
Peter Higgins 2/5
Paul Rigge 2/6
Andrew Winn 1/5
Roy Edwards 1/5
Barry Keen 1/6
Mike Steer 0/5

Consolation Egyptian

Roy Edwards beat Barry Keen +4
Peter Higgins beat Mike Steer +21
Lawrence Whittaker beat John Wastell +22
Jerry Guest beat Roy Edwards +13
David Barrett beat Barry Keen +21
Paul Rigge beat Andrew Winn +13
Ken Cooper beat Brian Fisk +18
John Wastell beat Mike Steer +11
Lawrence Whittaker beat Peter Higgins +24
Paul Rigge beat David Barrett +9
Brian Storey beat Brian Fisk +7
Andrew Winn beat Barry Keen +13
Brian Storey beat Colin Irwin +16
Lawrence Whittaker beat Paul Rigge +25
Jerry Guest beat Ken Cooper +15
John Wastell beat Peter Higgins +16
Brian Fisk beat Andrew Winn +11
David Barrett beat Roy Edwards +10
Barry Keen beat Mike Steer +5
Colin Irwin beat Lawrence Whittaker +14
Ken Cooper beat John Wastell +19
Brian Fisk beat Jerry Guest +3
Brian Storey beat Paul Rigge +3
David Barrett beat Andrew Winn +20
John Wastell beat Barry Keen +18
Peter Higgins beat Roy Edwards +7
Jerry Guest beat Paul Rigge +17 tp
Colin Irwin beat Ken Cooper +3
David Barrett beat Brian Fisk +15
Lawrence Whittaker beat Mike Steer +23

Bowdon web site


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