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Robert Fulford won The Mitsubishi Motors 2006 British Open Croquet Championship

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picture(picture: Samir Patel)

by Chris Williams
9th July 2006 (AC - Championships)

Robert Fulford won the Coronation Cup for the seventh time beating Reg Bamford in an entertaining final.

Final started at 10.42

Game 1

Reg (Bk & Bu)
Rob (R & Y)

Bk supershot
R trickles to 2 yards east of Bk
Reg (Bu) from C1 just clips R and embarks on a 3-ball break and is just approaching 3.

Reg (Bu) to 3-back (to prevent TPO) with diagonal spread. Red on west boundary.

Rob (Y) shoots from end of A-baulk and just clips the inner ball (Blue)

Y has just made hoop 1 off read and has rushed red to east boundary. Bk is hoop 2 pioneer

Rob (Y) stopped at 1-back with Bk and Bu cross wired at 1.
Reg (Bk) shot and missed.
Rob has embarked on a sextuple

Rob missed hampered shot after straight rover peel at end of sextuple. Reg is now taking black round

Reg has just pegged out after a QP to win game 1 +2qp

Game 2

Reg (RY)
Rob (Bu Bk)

Rob (Bk) first supershot.
Reg (R) to peg high on E boundary
Rob (Bu) misses R from C3 to 6 yards south of Bu (Level with hoop 5)
Reg (Y) misses from C3 to level with hoop 4
Rob (Bu) hits Y and embarks on 4 ball break.

Rob has set another sextuple leave with Bk in C3 and blue 2 yards NE of hoop 3. Reg misses the tea lady shot with Y into C3.

Rob has completed the sextuple to win game 2 +25sxp. It is now 1-1.

Game 3

Reg (Bk) laid supershot
Rob (R) trickled and hit. 2-balled it to 2-back (failed to get rush out of 1 back) and laid up with R in C4 and Bk a yard or 2 out of C2.
Reg (Bu) hit Bk took off to R and missed a 6 yarder.
Rob (Y) hit R in C4 from A baulk.
Approached 1 off black from W boundary level with hoop 5. Long hoop 1 and has run it.

Rob completed the quintuple to take a 2-1 lead.

Game 4

Rob (Bk) Supershot
Reg (R) East boundary peg high
Rob (Bu) Misses R from C3 and ends up 8 yards S on E boundary Reg (Y) From C3 misses into C4

Rob took Bu to 1 back and Reg has just missed the tea lady.
Rob had a go at the 1-back peel on the way to 1.

Rob has just missed a return roquet after 2-back having done 4 peels of a sextuple.
Reg has just made hoop 1

Reg completed the sextuple in game 4 to win +8sxp and tie up the match at 2-2

Game 5

Reg (Bk Bu)
Rob (RY)

For the fifth successive game Bk has gone to the supershot position.

Rob (Y) to peg high on E boundary.
Reg hit yellow with Bu from C3. Now setting off on a 3-ball break

Reg has just missed a long peg out at the end of his quad and pegged black out. Reg's straight rover peel failed - blue seemed to come back out of the hoop. Reg cannoned the blue through with red but failed to get past blue and ended with a 10 yard peg out. Reg pegged black out

Rob went to take a contact but was stopped by Reg, because Rob was not entitled to one.
Rob is now taking yellow round on a 3-ball break.

Rob has just taken a ball (Y) round leaving blue just out of corner 3 (probably wired from the peg) and left himself a rush in corner 1
There is a big debate going on on whether Reg should have left black on the lawn.
Reg has not taken the shot, but has put blue into C4

Rob got as far as hoop 3 and laid up on E boundary.
Reg missed the peg from near C2 and missed Y.
Rob has a hampered shot after 3 which he hit.
Now has a 3-ball break. Slightly awkward approach to 4 leaving a longish angled hoop, which he runs easily. Now has a standard 3-ball break to finish.

Rob has pegged out to win +1 in the fifth.

The Mitsubishi Motors 2006 British Open Croquet Championship

After three days of block play, 24 players qualified for the knockout section, seeds 1-5 were in order and 6-8 were drawn at random.

First Round Second Round Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final Winner

RL Bamford

RL Bamford
+26qp +14

RL Bamford
+12sxp -17tp -26 +26 +17sxp

RL Bamford
+26qp +26sxp -26tp +26sxp

RI Fulford
-2qp +25sxp +26qnp -8sxp +1

  L McBride
ET Duckworth

+25 +17tp

ET Duckworth
+26tp +26tp

D Harrison-Wood
PC Trimmer

+7otp +17tp

JF Death


KMH Aiton

Le Moignan
+17tp -26tp +14otp

CD Clarke
+9 -26tp +15tp +15tp

  AS Le Moignan
DJ Goacher

+15 +12tpo

+17tp +26tp

JC Williams
MN Avery

+5tp -17tp +26tp

CD Clarke

DB Maugham

+26tp +9otp

+17tp -17tp +26tp

DB Maugham
+17tp +20tp -26tp +26qp

RI Fulford
+26tp +17tp +8tp

S Davis
IG Lines

-11tp +6 +24

P Cordingley
  MVM Burrow

-26tp +10tpo +26tp


MT Evans


PJ Kirby

+25tp -17 +26

RI Fulford
-17tp -26tp +25qp +24sxp +26tp

  GSJ Tudor
BW Cumming

+26tp +26

+23tp -17tp +21sxp

SN Mulliner
IJ Burridge

+26tp +6otp

RI Fulford


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