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Live video feed of the Open final - how was it for you?

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13th July 2006 (Other News)

Twelve people tried to connect to the camera streaming live video of the Open final, six succeeded in connecting, some at different times, though I think four were all connected at about 11AM.

Viewers were in Australia, USA (in the Saturday test) and the UK.

For the camera at the quality setting used, bright sun was needed to see the balls.

Picture quality was quite poor.

Frame rate delivered about 3 frames per second - which was OK for following a break but nothing like "live action".

In conclusion, the up-link from the camera to the internet was not adequate bandwidth for the service, a future test should probably use the main server with repeater software taking a single feed from the camera.

Tim Murphy in Canberra, Australia adds: A big thank you for the web cam during the Open Final. The quality was awful, only a knowledgeable croquet player could have worked out what was going on but it was a step in the right direction and better than nothing at all.

I was receiving approximately 3 frames per roquet swing. Could rarely see the balls and if I could then yellow would be the only colour I could determine. Sometimes I'd have a link for 15 mins or more, other times 5 mins. It was amazing how often I'd lose the connection at critical times like Rob's hampered rover shot. Given the low number of frames being broadcast I was surprised how often Window Media Player would pause for buffering.

This may have sounded like a bit of the bitch session; far from it. I'm just reporting on the standard and hope for better in the future. Being the croquet/sporting tragic that I am if Sunday's broadcast quality is the best I'll ever see then I'd watch it again.


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