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John Wastell won the Southport B-Level

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7th August 2006 (AC)

Round 1

Richard Huxley bt John Wilkinson
Paul Rigge bt Peter Wilson
Peter Dorke bt Mike Steer
Richard Smith bt Di Williamson

Round 2

Richard Huxley bt Don Williamson
Dennis Graham bt Lorna Frost
Ray Lowe bt Sylvia Steer
Richard Griffiths bt Paul Rigge
Peter Dorke bt Liz Wilson
John Wastell bt Barbara Haslam
Andrew Winn bt Alan Mayne
Brian Kerr bt Richard Smith

Round 3

Dennis Graham bt Richard Huxley
Richard Griffiths bt Ray Lowe
John Wastell bt Peter Dorke
Brian Kerr bt Andrew Winn

Semi Final

Richard Griffiths bt Dennis Graham
John Wastell bt Brian Kerr


John Wastell bt Richard Griffiths


John Wastell bt Don Williamson
Liz Wilson bt Lorna Frost
Dennis Graham bt Barbara Haslam
Alan Mayne bt Richard Griffiths
Andrew Winn bt Ray Lowe
Mike Steer bt Di Williamson
Peter Wilson bt John Wilkinson
Di Williamson bt John Wilkinson
Peter Wilson bt Alan Mayne
Mike Steer bt Liz Wilson
Barbara Haslam bt Paul Rigge
Don Williamson bt Lorna Frost
Sylvia Steer bt Richard Smith
Andrew Winn bt Peter Wilson
Richard Huxley bt Mike Steer
Don Williamson bt Peter Dorke
Barbara Haslam bt Liz Wilson
Ray Lowe bt Paul Rigge
John Wilkinson bt Richard Smith
Alan Mayne bt Lorna Frost
Sylvia Steer bt Di Williamson
Di Williamson bt Lorna Frost
Liz Wilson bt John Wilkinson
Richard Huxley bt Ray Lowe
Paul Rigge bt Richard Smith
Don Williamson bt Brian Kerr
Peter Wilson bt Sylvia Steer
Alan Mayne bt Mike Steer
Barbara Haslam bt Peter Dorke


Dennis Graham bt Andrew Winn


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