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Colchester beat Nottingham 4-3

[<<] [>>] by Jonathan Hills at Nottingham
13 Aug 2006 (AC - Mary Rose)

Richard Smith (0.5) & Steve Woolnough (1) beat Peter Death (1) & Gordon Hopewell (2.5) +8
Jonathan Hills (1.5) lost to William Gee (4.5) -16 David Haslam (5) beat Roger Berkeley (6) +3

Richard Smith (0.5) lost to Peter Death (1) -13 Steve Woolnough (1) beat Gordon Hopewell (2.5) +15 Jonathan Hills (1.5) beat Roger Berkeley (6) +16 David Haslam (5) lost to William Gee (4.5) -2

Richard Smith played his last Mary Rose, having qualified under the 7 day rule.

Matches started on a sodden surface with only William Gee's power being able to conquer the slowness of the courts. His match finished quickly aided by his opponent playing the wrong ball when in an optimum position. The doubles followed standard procedures. The other singles seesawed until Haslam pegged out his opponent and retained the innings. The notable event in the doubles was a peg-out to coincide with Haslam's.

The afternoon proved easier to play as the courts had drained and all matches were completed in less than 2 hours. After a few ricochets from Gee's roquets, Haslam enquired of the proximity of the Trent Bridge cricket ground where he hoped to procure a helmet from one of the batsmen. Woolnough embarked on a 5th turn triple but inexplicably missed the roquet at 5 having done one peel and with the balls well placed. Smith missed his lifts shots and was suitably punished. Hills & Berkeley finished first and were rewarded with the washing up. Haslam fought tenaciously but could not prevent Gee's roquets, however he missed an opportunity when Gee's death roll to 3-back left him short of the pioneer which he then missed. Gee then failed to get a rush after the rover peel, pegged out his and Haslam's ball leaving Haslam a 15-yard lift which was missed.

Much time was spent on the way back comparing Gee with Wixy and speculating on how far Gee's handicap will fall.


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