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Ian Lines won the Southport Advanced Weekend

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16-17 Sept 2006 (AC)

The Southport September Advanced tournament this year was run as a flexible Swiss, leading to a final. The Southport lawns were in good condition, but very green and easy paced. The hoops were well set at a 1/16", but with the soft ground were also relatively easy.

On Saturday, the main excitement was two notable firsts: Dave Nick completed his first tournament sextuple against Tom Griffith, and Michael Sandler completed his first tournament triple (after 33 years playing!). Dave's (not quite ladies') sextuple started 6th turn with a 1-foot rush-peel through 1-back, 2 back after 1, 3-back before 5, 4-back jawsed before 6 and rush peeled after 1-back, penult before 3-back and rover straight from 6-inches to win +26sxp - all looking pretty well controlled - which can't be said about Dave after the peg out!

Ian Lines established a good lead on Saturday in the Swiss with 4 tps, and assured himself a place in the final with 2 further wins on Sunday morning. The other place in the final looked like it would go to Dave Nick, but he then lost to Bob Burnett and Paul Rigge, leaving the way clear for Bob Burnett. However, Bob lost unexpectedly to Peter Wardle, who was then in with a chance, but David Barrett then won a long 3 ball game against Michael Sandler to secure his place in the final.

In the final, Ian Lines missed a double near the peg 4th turn, David Barrett went quickly to 4-back, Ian missed again, David failed to get going, Ian hit in and did a tidy tpo and won +15tpo, just as the sun was setting, to retain the Sandiford Salver for the 3rd year in succession.

As always, the tournament catering was excellent and thanks must be recorded to Southport club for their superb hospitality.

Dean Bennison and Barbara Haslam both earned handicap reductions from 2.5 to 2.


Ian Lines 7/7 5tps, 1tpo
David Barrett 5/8
Peter Wardle 4/6
Barbara Haslam 2/3
Bob Burnett 5/8 1tp
Paul Rigge 3/5
Dave Nick 4/7 1sxp
Dean Bennison 4/7
Gordon Hopewell 2/4
Ray Lowe 2/5
John Haslam 1/3
Mike Sandler 2/7 1tp
Tom Griffith 2/7
Alan Mayne 1/4
Peter Dorke 0/6
Carol Lewis 0/1

Full Results

Dave Nick Michael Sandler +12
Barbara Haslam Ray Lowe +6
Tom Griffith Peter Dorke +25
Bob Burnett Dean Bennison +17
Alan Mayne John Haslam +16
Peter Wardle Paul Rigge +1 (t)
David Barrett Gordon Hopewell +8
Ian Lines Dean Bennison +26tp
Michael Sandler Bob Burnett +10tp
Dave Nick Tom Griffith +26sxp
John Haslam Peter Dorke +6
David Barrett Dave Nick +22
Barbara Haslam Gordon Hopewell +10
Paul Rigge Ray Lowe +4
Dean Bennison Alan Mayne +23
Ian Lines Tom Griffith +25tp
Peter Wardle Michael Sandler +8
Tom Griffith Bob Burnett +16
Dean Bennison Peter Dorke +12
Ian Lines Alan Mayne +25tp
Gordon Hopewell Alan Mayne +5
Ian Lines David Barrett +26tp
Dave Nick Peter Wardle +2
Michael Sandler Peter Dorke +2
Dean Bennison Tom Griffith +10
Bob Burnett Ray Lowe +8
David Barrett Paul Rigge +16
Bob Burnett David Barrett +26tp
Dave Nick John Haslam +15
Ian Lines Peter Wardle +26tp
Dean Bennison Michael Sandler +25
Ray Lowe Peter Dorke +10
Paul Rigge Tom Griffith +14
Gordon Hopewell Carol Lewis +3 (t)
David Barrett Barbara Haslam +15
Bob Burnett Dave Nick +17
Peter Wardle Dean Bennison +24
Ian Lines Michael Sandler +20
Bob Burnett Peter Dorke +19
Ray Lowe Tom Griffith +24
Paul Rigge Dave Nick +4
Peter Wardle Bob Burnett +2
David Barrett Michael Sandler +15
Ian Lines David Barrett +11tpo


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