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Jamie Birch won the Solomon Trophy

[<<] [>>] by Nick Harris at Southwick
26th September 2006 (AC)

Players Punished by the Birch at Southwick

Jamie was quick to point out his name was misspelled on the player's list, as supplied by the Tournament Secretary at Southwick, ( which many readers will know is on the south coast and the home of Sussex County Croquet Club [Ed: there has been discussion on the Nottingham list about why "Southwick" is called "Sussex County CC" ).

However, although the Manager (and, having failed miserably to find a volunteer, your reporter) had spelled it correctly in the Draw and Order of Play list, it was to no avail as Jamie proceeded to TP his way to the final: Round 1 +19TP, round 2 +25TP, Round 3 +26TP, and the Semi-final, +26TP & +26TP against the Manager.

Meanwhile, in the other half of the Draw, Rutger was playing in a similar vein, Round 1 +18TP, Round 2 +20SXP, Round 3 +9TPO, and the Semi-final +16TP -26TP & +26TP.

There were no complaints about the verdant lawns, the sunshine, the usual excellent food (which this year George, I ate) and the warm welcome given to the players by Southwick.

The Consolation event was eagerly contested with players averaging 6 games each with Don Gaunt of Cheltenham (which many readers will know is near Gloucester and is the home of Cheltenham Croquet Club and the C.A.) winning 5 of his to place first with Alan Cottle runner up.

The Solomon Trophy Final was more intriguing with Jamie finishing the first game +8 OTP by 2-balling from Hoop 2 after Rutger TPO'd both balls off.

The second game saw Jamie's peelee nestled up against the Striker's ball after the Penult peel stymieing him completely. However a later error by Rutger allowed Jamie to finish +9 with a simple straight rover peel.

So this year the Solomon Trophy was won by Jamie Burch of Reigate (which readers can look up for themselves).


Round 1

Rutger Beijderwellen beat Rod Ashwell +18TP
John Crowe beat John Taylor +5
Dave Mooney beat Ben Ashwell +6
Richard Smith beat Alan Cottle +3
Howard Bottomley beat Peter Thompson +2T
Paul Castell beat Bob Stephens +17
Don Gaunt beat Pauline Davey +25
Jon Watson beat John Cosier +14
Alan Mayne beat John Daniels +5
Jamie Burch beat Lionel Tibble +19TP

Round 2

Beijderwellen beat Taylor +20SXP
Mooney beat Smith +13
Bottomley beat John Davey +2
David Harrison -Wood beat Nigel Gale +26
Nick Harris beat Mark Hamilton +26TP
Jerry Guest Beat Castell +23
Watson beat Gaunt +15
Burch beat Mayne +25TP

Round 3

Beijderwellen beat Mooney +19TPO
Harrison-Wood beat Bottomley +17TP
Harris beat Guest +2
Burch beat Watson +26TP


Beijderwellen beat Harrison-Wood +16TP -26TP +26TP
Burch Beat Harris +26TP +26TP


Burch beat Beijderwellen +8 OTP +9

Consolation Event

J Davey beat Guest +8
Tibble beat Hamilton +6
Burch beat Stephens +21
Castell beat P Davey +26TP
Guest beat Gale +26TP
B Ashwell beat Cosier +17TP
Harrison-Wood beat R Ashwell +16TP
P Davey beat Stephens +3
Harris beat Crowe +18
Cottle beat Gale +8
Hamilton beat Daniels +2
Tibble beat Thomson +13
Beijderwellen beat B Ashwell +17
Taylor beat Cosier +13
Gaunt beat R Ashwell +8
Smith beat Mayne +10
Watson beat Castell +4
Crowe beat Gale +1T
Cottle beat Thompson +23
Cosier beat Tibble +14
P Davey beat Taylor +3
Stephens beat J Davey +6
Daniels beat B Ashwell + 7
Burch beat Hamilton +22TP
Castell beat Thompson +9
Cosier beat Stephens +15
Tibble beat B Ashwell +17
Gaunt beat Mooney +21
Thompson beat R Ashwell +26
Cottle beat Bottomley +10
Daniels beat Crowe +15
Gale beat Hamilton +15
Castell beat Smith +23
Guest beat Watson +7
Taylor beat J Davey +15
P Davey beat Mayne +15
B Ashwell beat Thompson +23TP
R Ashwell beat Smith +6
Tibble beat Castell +3TP
Burch beat Mooney +19
Gaunt beat Cosier +26
Harris beat Stephens +13
Cottle beat Davey +13
Mayne beat Taylor +11
Watson beat Gale +5TP
Guest beat Bottomley +26TP
Hamilton beat P Davey +19
Gaunt beat Tibble +24
Cosier beat Mooney +6
Castell beat Davies +26TP
Thompson beat Crowe +15
Guest beat Harrison-Wood +26TP
Castell beat R Ashwell +16TP
Bottomley beat B Ashwell +4
Crowe beat Guest +6
Harrison-Wood beat Thompson +17


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