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Jonathan Hills won the Bayeux Chalice (Surbiton B-Class)

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16-17 September 2006 (AC)

In this Indian summer 24 players gathered at Surbiton, with handicaps of 0-8, to battle for Bayeux Chalice a (trophy of dubious design but infinitely better than any of other Bayeux trophies in Surbiton's possession)..

The lawns were of moderate speed 9.5, Plummers, and the groundsman Noble was unusually generous with his hoop setting. This resulted in speedy play but only 1 Triple Peel completed by Bob Stephens, his first in 5 years, who admitted afterwards to never having completing one with Barlow Balls.

Matches of note included Andy Dibben's (3) bt Richard Smith (0.5) and Martin Burger (7) near defeat of the manager David Mooney (0.5) (deputising for Brian Rees) losing only by 2. Being Peg and peg vs. 1-4 back.

The winners of the 2 Egyptian groups were Mark Fawcett and Andy Dibben. Andy .unfortunately had to withdraw due to work pressures thus enabling Mary Knapp to take the 2nd place in the Normans group other semi finalists were Jonathan Hills and Bob Stephens. The finalists were Mark and Jonathan a tight final notable for its mistakes rather than for its good play. Unfortunately Mark made the most fatal error whilst completing his 2nd break thought he had run through to peg when he had actually completed 9 hoops thus leaving both clips on 4 back thus leaving a 4th and fatal lift which allowed Jonathan to recover from the horrible position of penult and rover.


Jon Male vs. Mary Knapp +11
David Mumford +7 vs. Graham Brightwell
Jonathan Hills +17 vs. Nigel Polhill
Mark Fawcett +6 vs. Peter Mc Dermott
Mike Percival +17 vs. Richard Smith
Mike Huxley +11 vs. Brian Rees
Brian Christmas vs. Andy Dibben +1
Peter Siddall vs. Martin Burger +20
Ian Parkinson vs. Nick Saxton +15
Denis Graham vs. John Crowe +3T
Alan Knight vs. Gina Lewis +2
Mark Lloyd vs. Bob Stephens +12 TP
Ian Parkinson vs. Peter Mc Dermott +1
Denis Graham +26 vs. Graham Brightwell
Mark Lloyd +20 vs. Alan Knight
Peter Siddall +4 vs. Brian Christmas
Bob Stephens vs. Mark Fawcett +12
Jon male +5 vs. David Mooney
Jonathan Hills vs. Richard Smith +3
Andy Dibben +14 vs. Martin Burger
Nick Saxton +15 vs. Gina Lewis
Mary Knapp +1T vs. Mike Huxley
Nigel Polhill vs. Mike Percival +13
John Crowe vs. David Mumford +13
Mark Fawcett +24 vs. Nick Saxton
Bob Stephens +11 vs. Gina Lewis
David Mooney vs. Nigel Polhill+7
Jon Male +17 vs. Mike Percival
Martin Burger vs. Jonathan Hills +21
Graham Brightwell +24 vs. Alan Knight
Peter Siddall vs. Mike Huxley +12
Richard Smith vs. Andy Dibben +5T
Denis Graham +17 vs. Mark Lloyd
Jonathan Hills+17 vs. Mary Knapp
Brian Christmas+25 vs. Martin Burger
Alan Knight vs. John Crowe +20
Jon Male +5 vs. Mike Percival
Mark Fawcett +11 vs. Ian Parkinson
Nick Saxton +10 vs. Peter mc Dermott
Brian Christmas vs. Richard Smith +14
Nigel Polhill +14 vs. Peter Siddall
David Mooney +3 vs. Martin Burger
Mary Knapp +15 vs. Mike Percival
Peter Mc Dermott +5 vs. Denis Graham
Andy Dibben +20 vs. Jonathan Hills
Nick Saxton vs. Bob Stephens +1T
Jon Male+26 vs. Mike Huxley
David Mumford+16 vs. Gina Lewis
Graham Brightwell vs. Mark Lloyd+1T
Mark Fawcett +10 vs. John Crowe
Ian Parkinson +22 vs. Alan Knight
Mark Fawcett+13 vs. Mary Knapp
Jonathan Hills+16 vs. Bob Stephens
Jon Male vs. Jon hills+20
Mike Huxley vs. Mike Percival +6
Ian Parkinson vs. Denis Graham +10
John Crowe +8 vs. Brian Christmas
Alan Knight vs. Peter Mc Dermott +14
Peter Siddall +8 vs. Alan Knight
Jon Male +17 vs. Nick Saxton
David Mumford vs. Richard smith +1
Bob Stephens vs. Mary Knapp +
Jonathan Hills + vs. Mark Fawcett


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