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Manager's Report No. 2

[<<] [>>] by Gary Fox
18th November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

I was thinking of changing the title of the report to the Parer Report - after Damien Parer - a famous Australian war photographer who died in action.

The skirmishes start earlier in the day - Friday - with some general discussion about the impasse rules and interpretations on some parts of it. Clarification was sought of how quickly players should commence the second game in a best of three - memories are long. There were questions on the relief rules where players are hindered by grass and sloping off court areas.

The Referees Meeting

The meeting was chaired by Owen Edwards, Tournament Referee, and was attended by most of the referees officiating here, some have not arrived. The overseas referees included Vince Neall, Graeme Roberts and Ian Vincent. Graeme and Ian are also members of the ILC. Some major issues were discussed and are in the process of resolution.

On the impasse rules the referees agreed that the part of the rule allowing for a referee to declare an impasse should be deleted. However if an impasse occurs and neither player calls a referee, the Tournament Referee can place a referee in charge of the game in extremis. This is the same position that would apply if it was necessary to place a referee in charge for other rarities in a game.

There was considerable discussion on the when faults should be declared, based on a stroke being a fault beyond the balance of probabilities or beyond reasonable doubt. There is another view that sits between these views. More to follow.

Team Meeting

The resolution of the impasse rule was accepted and it was clarified that both players, in a two ball game, both for the peg, restarted, would be entitled to a lift after 4 back, even if a player had pegged out a ball earlier in the game.

Relief would be given for a boundary shot where the player was on uneven ground or where his swing was impeded by the grass verge. The verge has since been cut.

The two referees at Shepparton would be appointed Deputy Tournament Referees to cover appeals where one had made a decision and that decision is appealed.

Break between games. It was intended that, except for lunch, play would continue in a best of three match. Toilet breaks, health issues etc were acceptable reasons for a short break.

Practice after play is acceptable on vacant lawns provided a game in progress is not interrupted. At Rich River this should not be difficult and a vacant lawn would normally be left between the game in progress and the practice lawn. The bowling green lawn and the lawn at the rear of the club house will be available as soon as matches are completed.

Hoops will be reset after each game if necessary and during games when required.

Referees on request will not bring prior knowledge to the lawn

Allocation of matches to courts. It is intended that each player will play a singles match on each of the 6 courts. This may not be possible if the order of play is changed.

Heat and lightning. The health and safety of the players is a duty of care. Play will be stopped when lightning is around and if a player is feeling the effects of heat.

Order of Play

The following order of play was submitted by teams

Great Britain New Zealand USA Australia
Robert Fulford Aaron Westerby Jerry Stark Trevor Bassett
David Maugham Paddy Chapman Danny Hunneycutt Martin Clarke
Chris Clarke Greg Bryant Damon Bidencope Bruce Fleming
Keith Aiton Brian Wislang Jeff Soo Harley Watts
Jonathan Kirby Robert Lowe Rich Lamm Stephen Forster
Mark Avery Shane Davis Bob Cherry Ian Dumergue
Fulford/Clarke Bryant/Davis Hunneycutt/Cherry Fleming/Clarke
Aiton/Kirby Chapman/Westerby Soo/Lamm Dumergue/Watts
Avery/Maugham Lowe Wislang Stark /Bidencope Bassett/Forster

Originally the NZ order was Chapman/Westerby and then Bryant/Davis, but the wrong match was put on so the order has been changed with team agreement.

After the announcement of the order of play the skirmishes became more apparent and hostilities increased.

Team meetings around the room converged into the outer room and I was requested to discuss the Australian team order of play. After a very good meal and imbibing some fine wine it was agreed by all that the Appeals Panel would not be convened that night, but would be convened the next day. The members of the Panel are Damon Bidencope (USA), Charles Jones(NZ), Phil Cordingley (GB), George Latham (Aust) and myself.

For those not aware of the conditions, the appropriate parts are:

(f) appoint an Appeals Committee consisting of the Tournament Manager and one representative of each competing country which may be convened at the request of a team captain to adjudicate in disputes between two or more teams on all matters other than the Laws and their interpretation.

(4) In (2)and (3) above, A1 to A6 and B1 to B6 represent the singles players of teams A and B in order of merit based on current singles form as announced in accordance with Regulation 9. AD1 to AD3 and BD1 to BD3 represent the doubles pairings of teams A and B without reference to an order of merit.

(Highlighting added.)

We will meet today and I will report the outcome.


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