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Australia v USA doubles: Early results from Day 1 at the Mac

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18th November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

Rob and Chris won 2-0 against Paddy and Aaron. +26TP 5th turn, +19TP 6th turn.

In the second game Aaron got going 3rd turn but then ran hoop 5 and his ball glued onto the peg. I guess their other two points were POPs, but not sure. The match took about 90 minutes.

Jonathan and Keith lost 2-0 to Greg and Shane. In the first game Jonathan missed a couple of 3-yarders, but then went around 3rd turn in the second. However that was the last time they took croquet.

Dave & Mark v Brian & Robert

The third game is still going (it's about 4.30pm there atm, and they started the matches at 9am). The kiwis won the first, Brits the second. In the third at last check it was 1b (Mark) and 4b playing 1
(Brian) and 4b. Mark had just hit in and was taking croquet near hoop
3 with a couple of balls near hoop4 and him still on 1b. This match is being played on lawn 6 - the converted golf driving area - though I believe it was the match, rather than the lawn, that was described as "ugly".

I don't have so much info on this, but...

Trevor and Stephen lost 1-2 to Jerry and Damon. The USA team played very well.

Harley and Ian beat Danny and Bob on the quick bowling green. No scores sorry, but the score was 2 hoops to 1 when Fulford and Clarke pegged out their match. The Aussies took control pretty soon after that.

The other doubles was won by the Aussies.

So in summary:
GB v NZ 1-1 and advantage GB in the 3rd
Aust 2, USA 1

GB v NZ heads to Shepparton tomorrow for more doubles.


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