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The Latham Report

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19th November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

USA v Australia

Lamm & Soo lost to Clarke & Fleming 9-26, 26tp(F)-0, 26tp(F)-9

Duffer tice each game; 3rd ball fired from B-baulk at first ball East border and missed.

Game 1

Lamm hit 5th turn for steady 9; Clarke missed leave from B baulk; Soo went out after 3;
Clarke made 9. Soo hit leave from A baulk and went to peg from hoop 4; Fleming missed 14 yard shot at 4th corner leave; Lamm finished.

Game 2

Lamm hit duffer 4th turn and made 9; Clarke hit leave made 9. Soo missed leave Fleming tripled.

Game 3

no notes

Cherry & Huneycutt lost to Dumergue & Watts 3-26, 0-26

Bowling green very fast

Game 1

Both sides took over an hour to adjust to speed of court. Eventually Dumergue made 7 and failed at 2B; Cherry progressed from Hoop 2 to 3 before taking off into a hoop. Watts finally hit and went to peg; Dumergue hampered after penult; finally stepped up and finished.

Game 2

Dumergue 4th turn 9; Watts 12. Dumergue finished.

Stark & Bidencope defeated Basset & Forster 26tp(B)-5, 26tp(S)-9

Game 1

Bidencope opened with ball peg high on east border; Forster responded to corner 2. Stark missed partner from B baulk. Bassett hit corner 2 and put croqueted ball out. Bassett hit 25 yards and failed at hoop 2. Opponent missed. Bassett progressed to hoop 4 but missed roquet. Forster made 2, but take off to partner went out. Eventually Stark hit and made 9 and Bidencope tripled.

Game 2

duffer tice missed by Stark. After Stark made hoop 1 he missed hampered stroke. Forster hit opponent at hoop 1 and made 9. Bidencope hit and made 9. Forster missed and Stark tripled out.


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