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Kate Fox - Day 3

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20th November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

Very warm morning with a forecast high of 37C. Humidity: 8% and a warm breeze 14km/h from NNE. Rain probability: 5% (< 1mm). Yesterday was a hot 37C.

Great Britain v New Zealand

Great Britain recovered from Day 1 and with few errors won all doubles matches on Day 2. They have a lead in the Test of 4 matches to 2. The following singles matches have been played at Rich River:

Fulford (GB) beat Chapman (NZ) +26tp, +24tp
Maugham (GB) lost to Westerby (NZ) +17; -26tp; 20-26tpo
Clarke (GB) beat Wizlang (NZ) -26tp; +19tp; +17tp
Aiton (GB) beat Bryant (NZ) +17tp; +26tp
Kirby (GB) lost to Davis (NZ) +26tp; +26tp
Avery (GB) beat Lowe (NZ) +23; +26

Interim Scores From Shepparton - USA v Australia

Huneycutt & Cherry (USA) v Fleming & Clarke (Aus) 0-26tp(C); 26-12 match unfinished
Soo & Lamm (USA) beat Bassett & Forster (Aus) +8; +11
Stark & Bidencope (USA) v Dumergue & Watts (Aus) 26-14; match unfinished

The highlight of the matches at Rich River was the very exciting third game in the Maugham/Westerby match.

Maugham made 9, Westerby hit the lift and executed a TPO, finishing by pegging out both balls. David took contact from the ball on the east boundary roughly parallel to the 4th hoop and played a split to the first hoop. The croquet ball finished between peg high and the 2nd hoop. David ran hoop one and finished with an excellent rush to the 2nd hoop. He continued with the two balls until failing to make a successful roquet after the 5th hoop. Aaron had a baulked ball and took a lift on the B baulk and cut rush the ball to 2, took off to hoop 1, failed to get position so just placed his ball ready to run the hoop in his continuation shot. David fired and missed, ending up in the first corner.

Aaron made the first hoop and set up in front of hoop 2. David played his ball to south of hoop 3 on the east boundary. Aaron made hoop 2 and shot into the second corner. David roqueted Aaron's ball and attempted to roll to hoop 6. He failed to get in position, but chose to go into position in from on 6th hoop and therein wiring himself from Aaron. Aaron lifted his ball to the 3rd corner and roqueted David's ball.

I was interrupted at this stage and some other observer/reporter will fill in the progress between hoop 6 and hoop 2b where I saw David fail to run the hoop and his ball bounced out to the left leaving Aaron a reasonable roquet. His ball was also on 2B and he progressed from there to the peg.

Further reports will follow as will the completed scores from the doubles being played at Shepparton.


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