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Manager's Report - Day 4

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21st November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)


The forecast today is for a maximum temperature of 37C, with a possible thunderstorm. Humidity: 15%. Wind at 09:00 5km/h, NW. Rain probability: 20% (< 1mm)


The bowling green was a bit slower yesterday. It was not cut and had been watered overnight. It is being cut before play commences today.

Bush Flies

The flies are persistent at Rich River (Shepparton is good by comparison). Kate had bought a fly net that sits over her hat. The New Zealanders have now bought out the supply of the nets from that shop. There may be more around in other shops in Echuca for those not worried about sartorial elegance.

Great Britain Versus New Zealand

The GB team has a strong lead, 8 matches to 4. The teams are at Shepparton today to play doubles. New Zealand will need to have a good day and win preferably three doubles to stay in the match. Two wins will place significant pressure on the last day of singles. The New Zealanders have a big day ahead of them.

United States Versus Australia

Australian now has a commanding lead of 9 matches to 3 and needs two of today's singles to clinch t he test. The teams will play at Rich River.

There was a general feeling around the lawns yesterday that the Australians had the run of good fortune to win 2 to 1 in the doubles. But the wins are there and the USA team now has an uphill battle to salvage the test.


We had a barbecue last night. Most players and a number of spectators and volunteers where there. It was a relaxing way to wind up the day.

Great Britain Versus New Zealand

Fulford & Clarke defeated Lowe & Wislang +26tp(F), +26tp(C)
Avery & Maugham defeated Bryant & Davis +26tp(A), +26tp(M)
Aiton & Kirby (GB) defeated Westerby & Chapman (NZ) +17; +7otp(W); +9tpo(A)

Great Britain has won the test match, defeating NZ 11 matches to 4.

The remaining six single matches will be played at Rich River tomorrow.

USA Versus Australia

Jerry Stark (USA) lost to Bruce Fleming (Aust) +17tp, +11tp
Danny Huneycutt (USA) lost to Martin Clarke (Aust) -4tp +26tp -26tp
Damon Bidencope (USA) defeated Trevor Bassett (Aus) =7; -20tp; +26tp
Jeff Soo (USA) defeated Harley Watts (Aus) +17; +26 - on the back lawn
Rich Lamm (USA) defeated Stephen Forster (Aus) +26tp; +5 - on the bowling lawn
Bob Cherry (USA) lost to Ian Dumergue (Aus) +17tp; -26tp; -26tp

Australia has defeated the USA.

Today the singles were split 3 each, Australia has won 12 matches to the USA's 6. Three doubles matches will be played tomorrow to complete the test.

It is hot and humid now.


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