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Manager's Report - Day 5

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22nd November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

Great Britain v New Zealand

David Maugham (GB) defeated Paddy Chapman (NZ) +14 OTP; +10 TPO
Chris Clarke (GB) defeated Greg Bryant (NZ) +10 TP; +26 TP
Keith Aiton (GB) defeated Brian Wislang (NZ) +26 TP; +23 TP
Jonathan Kirby (GB) lost to Robert Lowe (NZ) -26 TP; -26 TP
Mark Avery (GB) defeated Shane Davis (NZ) -26 TP; +26 TP; +26 TP
Robert Fulford (GB) lost to Aaron Westerby (NZ) -19tp, +9tp, -5tp

GB 15 matches NZ 6 matches

USA v Australia

Huneycutt/Cherry (USA) lost to Bassett/Forster (A) +17, -20, -26
Soo/Lam (USA) defeated Dumergue/Watts (A) +10, +17tp(L)
Stark/Bidencope (USA) lost to Fleming/Clarke (A) -25, -13tp(F)

USA 7 matches Aust 14 matches

Today is cool, a late change last night with a few spots of rain.

The forecast is: mostly sunny High: 28 Low: 18. Humidity: 25%. Wind at 09:00: 15km/h, WSW. Rain probability: 10% (< 1mm).

All matches are dead rubbers and most will be trying to get lawn play to prepare for the next test.

We may see some sextuples, certainly from the GB team and there may be some from the other teams from the talk last night.

It should be an entertaining day's croquet at both venues.

Day 2 USA Versus Aust

Stark v Clark - Clark Won +2, +26

Game 1

After opening positioning, Stark made 9 with 2-4 leave. Clarke missed lift, Stark made it to 2 back with 2 peels done. Clarke hit went to peg, peeling stark through Rover and pegging it out. Stark took contact in corner 2 , rolled to 2 back, ran long hoop, made 3 back and stuck in 4 back. To and fro until Stark bounced off rover to set court for Clarke who finished.

Game 2

Clarke won opening gambit and fashioned a break to of 9. Clarke made 12 with a 4 back peel of partner. Stark missed and Clarke finished.

Soo v Bassett - Soo Won +21, +17

Game 1

Bassett won start and made 5, Soo hit made 9; Bassett missed lift shot. Soo tripled.

Game 2

Soo won opening by following Bassett into corner 2with 3rd ball. Bassett missed with 4th ball - Soo made 9. Bassett missed lift; Soo made 5. Bassett set. Soo missed Bassett made 9. Soo hit took second ball to peg. Bassett missed. Soo finished.

Huneycutt v Fleming. Fleming Won +2,-8tp, +26tp

Game 1

Standard opening. Fleming 5th turn 9. Huneycutt missed lift; Fleming missed return roquet after 2 back with one peel completed. Hunnicutt made 9. Fleming missed lift and Hunnicutt went to peg with two peels. Fleming hit lift and pegged out opponents ball after taking 3 back ball to peg. Fleming finished after cross court leave.

Game 2

Huneycutt super shoot opening. Fleming responded peg high on east boundary, when Huneycutt hit and made 9. Fleming missed lift. Huneycutt made 1 and stuck in 2. Fleming hit and made 9. Hunnicutt hit and tripled out.

Game 3

Fleming made first break, Huneycutt missed 17 yard shot and Fleming tripled out.

Bidencope v Watts - Watts Won -17, +26tp, +12tp

Game 1

Corner 2 response by Bidencope with second ball, Watts hit with 3rd ball and set. Bidencope hit and made 4, missing a10 yard roquet, Watts missed a 10 yarder and Bidencope missed a 12 yarder. Watts hit 16 yarder and set leave which Bidencope hit and made 9. Watts hits and makes 9. Bidencope hits sets and finally wins.

Game 2

After hitting with 4th ball and setting Bidencope missed and Watts made 9. Bidencope misses 17 yard lift shot and Watts triples out.

Game 3

Bidencope won opening and made 9. Watts hit 17 yard lift shot and made 9 popping Bidencope through hoops 1 and 2. Bidencope hit and set. Watts missed and Bidencope made it to hoop 6 with one peel. Bidencope made a further 6 hoops before Watts finally hits and triples out.

Cherry v Forster - Forster Wins +14tp, +21

Game 1

Forster hit 4th turn and made 9. Cherry hit lift made 9. Forster missed lift; Cherry made Hoop 1, was hampered but set with partner. Forster missed. Cherry continued, but took off to go out beside Fortser who tripled.

Game 2

Forster sets anti duffer, Cherry missed. Forster sets. Cherry made 2, stuck in 3. Fortser hit made 9. Eventually Fortser hit after 2 hoops from Cherry making 8 with 1 peel, finally finishing


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