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Order of Play

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22nd November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

Teams have submitted their order of play for tests 3 and 4. They are:

Test 3: Great Britain vs. USA

Great Britain USA
Fulford Stark
Maugham Soo
Clarke Huneycutt
Aiton Bidencope
Kirby Lamm
Avery Cherry
Fulford/Clarke Starke/Bidencope
Avery/Maugham Soo/Lamm
Aiton/Kirby Cherry/Huneycutt

Test 4: New Zealand vs. Australia

New Zealand Australia
Westerby Fleming
Chapman Clarke
Bryant Dumergue
Davis Watts
Wislang Forster
Lowe Bassett
Westerby/Chapman Fleming/Clarke
Bryant/Davis Watts/Dumergue
Lowe/Wislang Forster/Bassett

The teams for Great Britain and Australia have a deviation from the World Rankings of 2 each (compared to 2 and 12 in the previous tests). USA deviates by 6 (compared to 4) and New Zealand by 8 (compared to 4).


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