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Jenny Williams - Day 6

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24th November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

Seems the Brits again played very well, though since the second car hasn't yet returned from Rich River one wonders if Jonathan and Bob are gone into the third. The first game, 26-21 saw Bob break down on a TP and Jonathan peg him out - leaving 2back and box v 2 (approx) and peg, with Jonathan eventually finishing.

8-0 with one to finish.

Only other notable fact from the Brits seems is that Keith - playing on the very fast bowling green - did all the peels of a sextuple - and then had a grievous! (i.e. rushed partner onto the peg after rover).

I just got an email from Aaron saying that the Aussie have won the first two double matches at Shepparton to finish: Paddy and Aaron lost 2-1 to Bruce and Martin, while Robert and Brian lost 2-0 to Harley and Ian with Robert sticking in 4back with two peels of a delayed TP completed and the game under control. It does sound like Robert's getting into the action ok now though.

The third doubles match is currently 1-1 and in the third Stephen has stuck in penult on a delayed TP so the kiwis are taking a ball around.

4-1 with one too close to call.

Back in NZ the local press are picking up on the Mac and taking an interest in the daily results - if anyone has any good photos - particularly of the kiwi team - that they're happy to have published in the Chch Press, please consider sending them to me or sending a URL from which I can download them.


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