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Jenny Williams - Day 10

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27th November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

Few more details from the Mac...


Chris and Rob v Bob and Danny:
Game 1 Rob failed 2back with a poor hoop stroke with 4 peels of an sxp done. Finished next time he got in

Game 2 sxp - so Chris only made the 12 points today in a winning match

Dave and Mark won and with Chris and Rob were back at Rich River to watch the excitement unfold in the NZ v Aust match by 12.50 they left with Damon in a TP to win the other doubles match in the second game. However it was not to be, but Jerry was having a good day and had a TP to win the decider

Final result: GB: 19 - USA: 2
(and a pretty popular pick that was in the MacRob competition)

NZ v Australia

overnight 9-6 to Australia and kiwis needing a very good day.

Paddy won 2-0 against Martin rather quickly ... 9-7
Brian lost 2-0 to Stephen ...10-7

The Brits arrived with the exciting position of Aaron 1-1, Robert game up, Shane 1-1 and Greg having another marathon and still in the first.

Unfortunately the order in which events unfolded didn't fulfil the full potential for excitement...

1. Harley won +26TP 7th turn against Shane to win the match for Australia: ....11-7
2. Greg won his first game +2 after 5 hours
3. Aaron beat Bruce 2-1 .... match 11-8
4. Robert was finishing for a +26TP win in the second to take the match... but then hit partner after rover.... and only pegged one out.
A lot later Trevor staged a comeback to equalise the match winning +1, despite a really awful hoop stroke from in front of penult which ran the hoop about half-way up
Game 3 in progress.
5. Greg is break all against Ian and game up.

So the current standing is 11-8 with two games at 1-1 and only pride to play for once again.

Rest day tomorrow, then the big match of Australia v Great Britain, with NZ playing USA for the wooden spoon.


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