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Manager's report - Day 10

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27th November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

NZ v Australia - Singles From Rich River

Aaron Westerby (NZ) defeated Bruce Fleming (Aus) 26-13; 0-26tp, 26-6
Paddy Chapman (NZ) defeated Martin Clarke (Aus) 26tp-1; 26tp-0
Greg Bryant (NZ) defeated Ian Dumergue (Aus), 26-24, 13-26, 26tp-1
Shane Davis (NZ) v Harley Watts (Aus) 26tp-13; 10-26tp, 0-26tp
Brian Wislang (NZ) lost to Stephen Forster (Aus) 9-26tp; 2-26tp
Robert Lowe (NZ) defeated Trevor Bassett (Aus) 26tp-18; 25-26; 26tp-12

Australia defeated New Zealand 11 matches to 10

GB v USA - Doubles From Shepparton

Fulford/Clarke (GB) defeated Cherry/Huneycutt (USA) 26-12; 26 sxp (Fulford)-0
Avery/Maugham (GB) defeated Soo/Lamm (USA) 26-19; 26tp (Maugham)-0
Aiton/Kirby (GB) v Stark/Bidencope (USA) 0-26tp (Stark); 26tp (Aiton)-11; 0-26tp (Stark)

Great Britain defeated USA 19 matches to 2


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