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Order of play for the last two tests

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29th November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

Great Britain Australia
Fulford Fleming
Maugham Clarke
Clarke Dumergue
Aiton Watts
Kirby Bassett
Avery Forster
Fulford & Clarke Bassett & Forster
Avery & Maugham Fleming & Clarke
Aiton & Kirby Dumergue & Watts
Stark Westerby
Soo Chapman
Huneycutt Bryant
Bidencope Davis
Lamm Wislang
Cherry Lowe
Huneycutt & Cherry Chapman & Westerby
Soo & Lamm Bryant & Davis
Stark & Bidencope Lowe & Wislang

Over the 3 tests for each team the order of play has deviated from the world rankings as follows:

Australia First Test 8 (original team 12), Second test 2 and third test by 4
Greta Britain 2 for all tests
New Zealand First test 4, second and third tests 8
USA First test 4, second and third tests 6

Today the MacRobertson Shield countries will have a meeting to discuss issues about the series and future series. One item on the agenda is to look at the definition of a national to reduce the period that a person must reside in a country to become eligible to play for another country. At the moment it is possible to play for different countries in successive MacRobertson Shield events; but this is not the case for World Championships. The existing requirements also require a player to step aside from international competition when they change permanent residence and wish to represent the new country. These rules if agreed for the Mac will also require WCF rule changes for world championships.


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