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Day 12 - a few snippets

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30th November 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

A few bits of info on the Mac today - none of it good for the kiwis...

GB v USA Doubles

Rob and Chris won their match in 11 turns by 10.30am

A long time later...

Jonathan and Keith lost the first, then won the second.
Game 3: Jonathan got to peg and Keith to 4back with Bruce and Martin on 2 and 2. Bruce hit the last lift and went to 4back with a spread.
Keith missed the lift.
Martin got going on a TP. He got to the position of taking off from two balls at rover to make penult - with his penult pioneer about 4 feet north of penult. The takeoff ended up 2 feet south of penult and Martin missed the smidgeon that he could see.
Keith finished.

And much later...

Dave and Mark played Ian and Harley
Game 1: Dave went to 4back first. Ian did the three peels of a TPO before grovelling through 3back and missing his hampered shot. Mark finished

Game 2: a pretty poor game with Mark making many errors and putting down finishing turns. Ian also had a tough time but eventually the Aussies got home.

Game 3:
Mark went to 4back
Harley TPOed him.
There was a long pegged out ending, with Dave having a few half-chances and the Aussies being very defensive.

Eventually Ian got around and ran rover - in a 2ball break from 3back (?) - and with partner in corner 4. At this point Ian and Harley now on peg and peg - and Dave on hoop2.

Declining the simple option to peg out a ball and make it 2 v peg, Ian took off to partner in corner 4 - didn't get a rush - hit partner - took off to hoop3 - and then shot off the lawn in corner 3.

Dave then added to his string of noteworthy Mac finishing turns with a thick takeoff to the ball in corner 4, rolled to hoop2, ran a 6yard angled hoop.. and finished to complete the GB sweep of day 2 of this test.

Meanwhile the Latest News From Rich River...

The USA team won the first 5 matches - taking the test to 6-2 to the US team, with one to finish.

At 7pm, 10 hours after kick-off, Damon v Greg is in the final stages...

Last news had Greg on 4back and peg and Damon on a TP for the match.


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