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GB make a clean sweep to win!

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1st December 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

GB has defeated Australia in an unequivocal display of croquet excellence Today, Australia failed to win one game in the 6-0 trouncing they received as GB once again took possession of the MacRobertson Shield for another 3 years.

GB v Australia - Singles From Rich River

Robert Fulford defeated Martin Clarke 26tp-0; 26-0
David Maugham defeated Bruce Fleming 26tp-0; 26tp-1
Chris Clarke defeated Harley Watts 26tp-0; 26tp-0
Keith Aiton defeated Ian Dumergue 26tp-0; 26tp-10
Jonathan Kirby defeated Stephen Forster 26-22; 26-9
Mark Avery defeated Trevor Bassett 26tp-4; 26tp-0

USA v NZ - Doubles From Shepparton

Huneycutt & Cherry lost to Chapman & Westerby 19-26; 20-26
Soo & Lamm defeated Lowe & Wislang 26tp (Soo)-4; 26-10
Stark & Bidencope lost to Bryant & Davis 26tp (Bidencope)-18; 9026tp(Bryant); 3-26tp (Davis)


GB 12 wins from 12 matches
Aust 0 from 12 matches
USA 8 matches from 12 matches
NZ 4 matches from 12 matches

The Latham Report

Great Britain was too strong on day 1 with better roqueting and fewer errors.

The first games of all three matches were won to our zero hoops without us hitting a lift. However, in the second games we hit and made hoops only to surrender by sticking in a vital hoop.

On day two Fulford's near perfect roqueting gave him the first break of nine from the third and fourth balls in. The 20 yard lift was missed and Chris Clarke effortlessly tripled out in both games.

Martin Clarke and Bruce Fleming won their first game, capitalising on Kirby's hampered hoops. Fleming hit Kirby's 20 yard leave and tripled out.

Kirby's roqueting gave him the first 9 in game 2. Clarke missed the lift and Aiton tripled.

Game 3 was an even tussle with all players except Aiton missing hoops. Unfortunately Clarke's peeling break to a finish ended when he wired his ball from the penult pioneer, giving Aiton an easy finish.

The doubles match between Dumergue and Watts and Avery and Maugham was notable for the missed roquets from all players. Great Britain won game 1 when an attempted TPO by Dumergue on Maugham's ball ended with a stuck penult hoop, giving the nervous Avery a standard break to the finish.

Games 2 and 3 saw the Aussies surviving the missed roquets/stuck hoops carnival to win the second game 26-23, and but for a remarkable Maugham 3-ball break from hoop 2 (from a roll from Corner 4!) to the peg, after Dumergue reached the peg after Avery's ball was pegged out, would have won the third game.

6-0 down - time for our fighting spirit to come to the fore.


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