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DAY 14 - DOUBLES (Shepparton)

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3rd December 2006 (The MacRobertson Shield)

Great Britain V. Australia

Great Britain wins the final series of doubles 2-1 to take an overall 14-1 lead into the final day of singles at Rich River tomorrow. The Australians adopted more aggressive tactics today, although ironically it was Martin Clarke and Bruce Fleming's continued conservative play which put the first point on the board for Australia. Given the aftermath of the celebrations, I am grateful that all games are mercifully short today.

Chris Clarke played two more text book triples as he and Robert Fulford defeated Ian Demergue and Harley Watts, no croquet in the first.

Similarly, Bruce Fleming has two triples as he and Martin Clarke defeated Mark Avery and David Maugham, also no croquet in the first.

And in the final match it was Jonathan Kirby who had two triples, the first a TPO, as he and Keith Aiton beat Trevor Basset Stephen Forster, the Australians failing to capitalise having got a 3rd turn ball round in the first. Good effort by Keith, who couldn't have been feeling much better than I was.

Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford beat Ian Demergue & Harley Watts +26tp (C), +15tp (C)

Game 1

1) Chris lays ss
2) Ian misses from A baulk to 3 yards S of 2
3) Robert hits ss and goes to 4b with defensive leave
4) Harley misses on E boundary from A baulk
5) Chris finishes

Game 2

1) Harley lays ss
2) Chris goes to II
3) Ian hits in 2, rolls opponent ball into 2 to get good pioneer and gets 2 foot rush to 1. Makes 1 but misses hampered roquet to beside 3
4) Robert hits 6 yarder from B baulk, goes to 4b popping Harley & Ian to 3. Lays up on E boundary with opponent balls on 2b and 2
5) Ian hits long lift and goes to 4b with an NSL
6) Robert misses long lift
7) Harley has a leave in III
8) Chris hits partner at 2 from 4 and finishes

Mark Avery & David Maugham lost to Martin Clarke & Bruce Fleming 26tp (F), 17tp (F)

Game 1

1) Mark lays ss
2) Bruce hits ss from A baulk and lays a cross peg
3) David joins with balls at peg
4) Martin hits from A baulk and goes to 4b with an MSL
5) David misses long lift
6) Bruce clangs 1
7) Mark misses partner in IV from 2
8) Bruce finishes with a delayed triple

Game 2

1) Bruce goes to E boundary level with 4
2) Mark goes to II
3) Martin misses partner from III to IV
4) David misses in IV
5) Martin makes 1 but takes off N boundary going to ball in II
6) Mark misses on N boundary from 3
7) Martin makes 2 but misses hampered roquet after 3
8) David goes to 4b. Lays up with rush in II, opponents balls on middle of W boundary and just out of IV
9) Martin hits short lift and goes to 4b. Puts the deep ball off the W boundary laying a spread
10) Mark rushes to E boundary ball but fails to get a rush
11) Rolls to 2 going to W boundary ball but strikers ball hits peg full on. Misses 13 yarder
12) Bruce finishes

Keith Aiton & Jonathan Kirby beat Trevor Bassett & Stephen Forster +12tpo (K), +16tp (K)

Game 1

1) Stephen lays ss
2) Keith goes to II
3) Trevor hits in II and goes to 4b. Lays up with opponent on E boundary with partner on hoop4
4) Jonathan hits from A baulk and has a TPO leaving hoop 1 ball on E boundary 1 yard S of 4, peg ball in II
5) Stephen takes contact on E boundary but rolls into 4 going to 1. Takes position
6) Keith goes to IV
7) Stephen runs 1 bouncing off 2, hits resultant 9 yarder in II but clangs 4 yard hoop
8) Jonathan lays up just out of I
9) Stephen shoots from III to I, but hits hoop 1
10) Keith finishes

Game 2

1) Keith lays ss
2) Stephen misses ss to peg
3) Jonathan misses double from A baulk into B baulk
4) Trevor misses hampered roquet after 1
5) Keith goes to 4b with a spread
6) Stephen hits long lift and goes to 4b with an MSL
7) Jonathan hits short lift but mis-approaches 1 and joins partner by 2
8) Stephen misses opponents at 2 from 1, hitting hoop 2
9) Keith finishes


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