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Chris Farthing won the Surbiton Easter Handicap

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picture (Photo: Samir Patel)

by Samir Patel
6-7 Apr 2007 (AC - Handicap)

Unseasonably warm conditions meant that the 2007 Surbiton Easter Handicap tournament had more of a Summer tournament feel to it, rather than an early season handicap event. A full field of 32 players, with handicaps ranging from -2 to 18 found themselves in search of sun protection, rather than the winter thermals they had brought with them.

The weather meant that the lawns were faster than usual for this time of year, timed at 11.5 seconds at around lunchtime on day 2. At the end of Day 1, 52 games had been completed with only three players left unbeaten

Chris Farthing (-1.5), Gary Bennett (-0.5) and Chris Patmore (-1.5) - With a Large Contingent of 11 Players on Only One Loss

Day 2 saw Chris Farthing beat off the remaining challengers to finish unbeaten at the end of the flexible Swiss with 7 wins over Neil Coote (12), Paul Salisbury (-0.5), Nigel Graves (9), John Bee (8), Ian Parkinson (1.5), Gary Bennett (-0.5) and Chris Patmore (-1.5), all by impressive double-figure margins.

Final Positions

1. Chris Farthing (7/7)
2. Paul Salisbury (5/6)
3. Nigel Graves (4/5)
4= Ian Parkinson (4/6)
4= Chris Patmore (4/6)
4= Gary Bennett (4/6)


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