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Keith Aiton won the Western Championship

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8th May 2007 (AC - Championships)

First Round Second Round Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final Winner
  Robert Fulford

Robert Fulford
+26sxp +26tp

Robert Fulford
+26sxp -12tp +3sxp

Keith Aiton
+26tp +26tp +25tp

Keith Aiton
-26tp +16tp +14tp +26tp

  Samir Patel
  Sam Tudor

Stephen Mulliner
+11 -14 +4tp

  Stephen Mulliner
James Death

James Death
+17 +6qp

Pete Trimmer
-13tpo +2 +26tp

Keith Aiton
-26tp +21tp +16

Rob Edlin-White
Pete Trimmer

Pete Trimmer
-11 +13 +26tp

Jamie Burch
  Patrick Hort

Keith Aiton
+17tp +26tp

  Keith Aiton
  Ed Duckworth

Ed Duckworth
-16 +16tp +6

Ed Duckworth
-9 +15 +17

David Maugham
+10 +14 -17 -26tp +26

  Ian Plummer
  Tim Wilkins

David Goacher
-1(t) +10(t) +15

  David Goacher
  Rutger Beijderwellen

Rutger Beijderwellen
-17tp +26tp +25

David Maugham
+17tp +26tp

  David Harrison-Wood
  Ailsa Lines

David Maugham
+26tp +13

  David Maugham

Plate Knockout

DJ Goacher bt JF Death +14
TJD Wilkins bt PMG Hort +8tp
SR Patel bt J Burch +17tp
GSJ Tudor bt AH Lines +5

DJ Goacher bt TJD Wilkins +15tp
SR Patel bt GSJ Tudor +3

SR Patel bt DJ Goacher +26tp +24


SR Patel bt PMG Hort +15
AH Lines bt R Edlin-White +23
J Burch bt D Harrison-Wood +12
PMG Hort bt R Edlin-White +8
SR Patel bt GSJ Tudor +11tp
AH Lines bt IR Plummer +16
SR Patel bt D Harrison-Wood +13tpo
TJD Wilkins bt SR Patel +16tp
GSJ Tudor bt IR Plummer +25tp
AH Lines bt R Beijderwellen +12
JF Death bt J Burch +9qp
PMG Hort bt D Harrison-Wood +14tp
DB Maugham bt R Edlin-White +26
R Edlin-White bt IR Plummer +4
GSJ Tudor bt JF Death +17tp
J Burch bt PMG Hort +26stp
J Burch bt R Beijderwellen +18tp
TJD Wilkins bt PMG Hort +9
AH Lines bt D Harrison-Wood +5
SR Patel bt JF Death +11sxpo
DJ Goacher bt GSJ Tudor +26tp
SR Patel bt J Burch +16tp
JF Death bt PMG Hort +15stp
GSJ Tudor bt TJD Wilkins +24tp
DJ Goacher bt R Edlin-White +24
D Harrison-Wood bt RI Fulford +10
JF Death bt D Harrison-Wood +26sxp
J Burch bt R Edlin-White +26tp
PMG Hort bt AH Lines +25qp
SN Mulliner bt PC Trimmer +26tp
D Harrison-Wood bt R Edlin-White +7
AH Lines bt J Burch +3
JF Death bt SN Mulliner +2
PMG Hort bt TJD Wilkins +10


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