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Chris Patmore won the Robert Prichard Advanced Weekend

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pictureThe winner in play (Photo: Ian Storey)

by Ian Storey at Hunstanton
5-7 May 2007 (AC)

A good field assembled at Hunstanton over the May Bank holiday for the Robert Prichard Tournament on lawns which received praise from players as being conducive to precision play, and in weather described by one regular as "typically Hunstantonic" but which, thankfully, remained dry.

With one round to play in the Egyptian format Chris Patmore and Jon Watson could not be caught by the rest of the field, and, assuming both won their last game would each finish on 10/11 - but Patmore had beaten Watson earlier in the tournament and would therefore win by who beat whom. However Chris, to the delight of the manager and with his full approval, very sportingly said that under the circumstances he would prefer to play Jon again - effectively a final.

Given freedom from double banking on lawn four Watson gained early momentum but broke down at 3B. Patmore took full advantage of the short roquet left by the incomplete spread, going to 4B with a NSL, and when Watson's shot down the line missed by a whisker Patmore concluded the tournament with an elegant triple.

The cuisine had been excellent, the barrel of ale emptied, and there had been games a-plenty, prompting many to say they had thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.

But my lasting memory will be the great sportsmanship shown - an immense credit to croquet.

Jon Watson beat Martin French +17
Martin Leach beat Nick Harris +2
Jim Potter beat Tim Dutton +18
Celia Pearce beat Howard Bottomley +5
George Collin beat Gordon Hopewell +2
Phil Eardley beat Terrey Sparks +10
Chris Van Essen beat Neil Chalmers +1 (time)
Jeff Race beat Ian Vincent +9
George Noble beat Tom Anderson +4
Chris Patmore beat Ken Anderton +16
Tim Dutton beat Bryan Saddington +3
Jim Potter beat Martin French +11
Chris Patmore beat Jon Watson +26
Ken Anderton beat Terrey Sparks +10
Jeff Race beat Phil Eardley +16
Ian Vincent beat Celia Pearce +9
George Noble beat Howard Bottomley +21
Tom Anderson beat Gordon Hopewell +9 (time)
George Collin beat Martin Leach +1 (time)
Nick Harris beat Chris Van Essen +16
Jon Watson beat Neil Chalmers +23
Chris Patmore beat Jim Potter +26 TP
Martin French beat Tim Dutton +22
Howard Bottomley beat Bryan Saddington +11
George Noble beat Jeff Race +3 TP
Jon Watson beat Phil Eardley +17
Neil Chalmers beat Celia Pearce +7
Ian Vincent beat Chris Patmore +12
Ken Anderton beat Jim Potter +15
Terrey Sparks beat Chris Van Essen +4
Martin French beat Nick Harris +10 TPO
Jeff Race beat Tim Dutton +23
George Noble beat George Collin +8 TP
Ian Vincent beat Martin Leach +25
Chris Patmore beat Jeff Race +25 TP
Martin French beat Bryan Saddington +23
George Noble beat Martin French +4
Chris Patmore beat George Collin +19
Jon Watson beat Jeff Race +14
Ian Storey beat Jim Potter +17
Howard Bottomley beat Terrey Sparks +12
Ken Anderton beat Neil Chalmers +5
Nick Harris beat Phil Eardley +17 TP
Martin Leach beat Chris Van Essen +19
Tim Dutton beat Celia Pearce +16
Bryan Saddington beat Gordon Hopewell +5 (time)
Jon Watson beat Ian Vincent +4
Martin Leach beat Tom Anderson +4 (time)
Phil Eardley beat Chris Van Essen +9
Jeff Race beat Nick Harris +15
Chris Patmore beat George Noble +16 TP
George Collin beat Martin French +14
Howard Bottomley beat Tim Dutton +1
Terrey Sparks beat Celia Pearce +12
Jim Potter beat Neil Chalmers +25
Bryan Saddington beat Ken Anderton +2
Chris Patmore beat Nick Harris +5
Jon Watson beat George Noble +24 TP
Jeff Race beat Jim Potter +14
Ian Vincent beat Howard Bottomley +25 STP
Tim Dutton beat Neil Chalmers +11
Tom Anderson beat Chris Van Essen +1 (time)
Jon Watson beat George Collin +26 TP
Martin Leach beat Martin French +24
Terrey Sparks beat George Noble +24
Nick Harris beat Celia Pearce +19
Ian Vincent beat Phil Eardley +4 TPO
Jeff Race beat Ken Anderton +3
Jon Watson beat Martin Leach +18
Chris Patmore beat Howard Bottomley +26 TP
George Noble beat Ian Vincent +26
Jeff Race beat George Collin +15
Tom Anderson beat Terrey Sparks +4 (time)
Nick Harris beat Tim Dutton +15
Jim Potter beat Bryan Saddington +11
Ken Anderton beat Martin French +8
Phil Eardley beat Neil Chalmers +26 TP
Chris Van Essen beat Celia Pearce +6 (time)
George Noble beat Phil Eardley +5
Jon Watson beat Howard Bottomley +26
Chris Patmore beat Martin Leach +19
Ian Vincent beat George Collin +3
Jeff Race beat Neil Chalmers +16
Nick Harris beat Jim Potter +17
Ken Anderton beat Tim Dutton +19
Martin French beat Howard Bottomley +14
Terrey Sparks beat Bryan Saddington +22
Jeff Race beat Tom Anderson +7
Phil Eardley beat Martin Leach +21 TP
Chris Van Essen beat Jim Potter +9
Chris Patmore beat Jon Watson +18 TP

Handicap Changes

Martin French 0 to +0.5
Nick Harris -1 to -0.5
Martin Leach 3 to 2.5
Jim Potter 2 to 2.5
Jeff Race 2 to 1


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