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Dave Foulser won the Cheltenham advanced weekend

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17-20 May 2007 (AC)

Everyone seemed to enjoy the combination of best of 3 knockout with the defeated going into single game Egyptian, and all that wanted it having some jolly advanced doubles matches too!

Weather mainly fine.

Three of four seeds got through to semi-finals with Charles Skew's phenomenal shooting stopping Bernard Neal getting the other semi-final slot.

The manager upheld the tradition and won the tournament in a "dream final" of the top 2 seeds, despite the burden of management.


Event Result
KO David Foulser bt. Rodney Parkins +26 +3
KO Roger Martin bt. Dennis Moorcraft +10 -11 +15
KO Greta Stringer bt. Tal Golesworthy +6 +16
KO Peter Thompson bt. Paul Watson +7 +9
KO Charles Askew bt. Mike Hammalev +17, -16 +11
KO Craig Edwards bt. Gordon Weir +15 +9
KO Peter Stone bt. Ray Meads +11 +20
KO Bernard Neal bt. Alison Thursfield -1 +10 +22
KO Dave Mundy bt. K. Seabright +17 TP +22 TP
KO Jerry Guest bt. John Crowe +21 +26 TP
KO Carol Smith bt. Colin Snowdon +23 +17
KO Paul Swaffield bt. Peter Dorke -6 +21 +20
KO Paul Smith bt. Rob Edlin-White +25 +23
KO David Magee bt. Keith Davis +22 +16
EG J. Crowe bt. R. Edlin-White +5t
KO E. Dymock bt. P. Francis + 4 +9
EG R. Parkins bt. K. Seabright +25
KO D. Mundy bt. J. Guest -26 +15 +16
EG G. Weir bt. K. Davis +4
KO D. Magee bt E. Dymock +10 +3
EG P. Thompson bt. K. Seabright + 7
EG R. Parkins bt. R. Edlin-White +22
EG P. Watson bt. J. Crowe +17
KO P. Swaffield bt. Carol Smith +15 +15
KO C. Askew bt. C. Edwards +5 +10
KO D. Foulser bt. R. Martin +16 +26 TP
EG P. Watson bt K. Seabright +10
EG P. Francis bt. K. Davis +16
KO B. Neal bt. P. Stone +26 +11
Dbls E. Dymock/K. Seabright bt. P. Francis/G. Weir +13
EG R. Meads bt. R. Edlin-White +5ot
EG D. Moorcraft bt P. Dorke +12
EG J. Guest bt. M. Hammalev +15 TP
EG P. Watson bt. T. Golsworthy +8
EG D. Mundy bt. J. Crowe +22
EG R. Parkins bt. A. Thursfield +17
EG C. Snowdon bt. K. Davis +3
EG J. Guest bt. P. Francis +12 TP
KO D. Magee bt. P. Smith +25 +7
EG D. Moorcraft bt. G. Weir +18
EG E. Dymock bt. C. Edwards +14
EG T. Golsworthy bt R. Edlin-White +25
EG C. Snowdon bt. P. Stone +19
KO P. Thompson bt. G. Stringer +3 +4
EG M. Hammalev bt. Carol Smith +12
EG P. Smith bt. J. Guest +16
KO C. Askew bt. B. Neal +24 +17
KO D. Mundy bt. P. Swaffield +26 +21
EG R. Meads bt. A. Thursfield +12
EG P. Dorke bt. K. Seabright +7
EG E. Dymock bt. R. Martin +26
EG P. Watson bt. R. Parkins +18
EG R. Martin bt. J. Crowe +1t
EG J. Crowe bt. C. Edwards +4t
EG R. Edlin-White bt. K. Seabright +13
EG E. Dymock bt. R. Parkins +24
EG J. Guest bt. P. Watson +7
EG D. Moorcraft bt. R. Parkins +13
EG R. Edlin-White bt. C. Snowdon +6
KO D. Foulser bt. P. Thompson +24 -12 +5 TP
EG P. Watson bt. A. Thursfield +9 ot
Dbls D. Mundy/P.Stone bt. D. Magee/R. Martin +8
Dbls P. Smith/R. Meads bt. B. Neal/G. Weir +20 TP (by PS)
Dbls J. Guest/P. Dorke bt. C. Askew/K. Davis +9 ot
Dbls E. Dymock/K. Seabright bt. C. Edwards/T. Golsworthy +13
Dbls P. Francis/J. Crowe bt. P. Swaffield/M. Hammalev +26
Dbls P. Swaffield/M. Hammalev bt. P. Francis/J. Crowe +1
Dbls Carol Smith/G. Weir bt. B. Neal/R. Meads + 2 ot
KO SEMI-FINAL D. Magee bt. D. Mundy +25 TP +25 TP
E Paul Smith bt. P. Thompson +23 TP
E T. Golsworthy bt. D. Moorcraft +17
Dbls J. Guest/R. Martin bt. C. Edwards/P. Stone +26
E P. Swaffield bt. E. Dymock +15
E K. Seabright bt. A. Thursfield + 14
E R. Edlin-White bt. P. Dorke + 19
E J. Crowe bt. R. Parkins +3t
E P. Watson bt. C. Snowdon + 12
E P. Thompson bt. P. Francis +14
E J. Guest bt. C. Edwards +21
E P. Stone bt. R. Martin +9
DBLS D. Magee/P. Swaffield bt. D. Mundy/E. Dymock +9
E Carol Smith bt. P. Watson +1 ot
E T. Golsworthy bt. K. Seabright +7
E G. Weir bt. R. Edlin-White +20
E P. Thompson bt. J. Crowe +3
KO SEMI-FINAL D. Foulser bt. C. Askew -3 +18 +19
DBLS J. Guest/G. Weir bt. B. Neal/K. Seabright + 25
Dbls C. Edwards/R. Martin bt. P. Francis/P. Stone + 12
Dbls P. Swaffield/R. Meads bt. E. Dymock/K. Davis +17
E D. Magee bt. P. Thompson +5
E D. Mundy bt. Paul Smith +26
E M. Hammalev bt. P. Watson +8
E Carol Smith bt. J. Crowe +10
E C. Snowdon bt A. Thursfield +15
E T. Golsworthy bt. R. Parkins +24
E R. Edlin-White bt. D. Moorcraft +17
E B. Neal bt. J. Guest +4
E K. Seabright bt. G. Weir +18
E C. Askew bt. Paul Smith +13
E P. Francis bt. R. Parkins +20
E R. Edlin-White bt. P. Stone +17
E J. Crowe bt. D. Moorcraft +19
E T. Golsworthy bt. R. Martin +20
E Carol Smith bt. C. Edwards +19
E K. Davis bt. R. Meads +6 ot
E P. Swaffield bt. P. Thompson +2
E D. Mundy bt. M. Hammalev +5
E E. Dymock bt. P. Watson +13
E K. Seabright bt. J. Crowe +17
E C. Askew bt. J. Guest +10
E Paul Smith bt. P. Francis +3
E T. Golsworthy bt. Carol Smith +4
E R. Edlin-White bt. C. Edwards +9
KO FINAL D. Foulser bt. D. Magee -19 +26 +10


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