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Keith Aiton won the Men's Championship

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by Samir Patel at Cheltenham
10th June 2007 (AC - Championships)

Noteworthy Semi-Final Games

Keith Aiton in the third hit Samir's super-shot ball and went to 4-back with a ball just N of IV and a ball just S of II - very impressive with few shots looking like there could be an error - worst was he over-ran 5 past reception ball but then rolled to one foot or less in front of 6.

Samir hit in IV but put the ball off the lawn going to II. Keith hit and started a 4th turn triple - he played "safe" by putting a deep ball behind penult instead of at 1-back since he had to roll peelee over from behind 4-back. Of course K got peelee in the perfect position and, though he jumped over it, he just clipped it. Strangely, he chose to peel it and rushed the near ball towards II and played quite a good stroke getting a ball to 2-back but ran well past the 1-back "pioneer" (which was on the court's centre-line). Presumably trying to cut it from 2-3 yards, he missed.

In James' final game, he hit the lift and made a 1-back leave with a ball NE of 1 (the 4-back ball I think) where Stephen Mulliner's stance was difficult because of the hoop's position, and a ball near corner I (wired of course) - so Stephen had only the near maximum possible length shot. He liked the shot until it passed the 3/4 way point.

James started the sextuple but interleaved a TPO, finishing with two balls off leaving 4-back vs. 1. Stephen didn't get going from the contact and afterwards failed 2 - James finished from hitting the ball in the jaws of 2.

The Final

Game 1

Keith wins toss and goes first; James RY

  1. U supershot
  2. Y peg high on E
  3. K misses Y, to 7 yds south of Y
  4. R hits; break to 4-back with spread
  5. K hits Y from corner III, TPO. Accidentally rush-peels rover before 2-back. Turns down pop after 2-back and declines after poor rush after Rover. Leaves U with 5 interfering with rush to 1. K in II.
  6. U rolls from U to K, putting U 6 yds NW of 1. Takes off to 1 short. Takes mostly wired position from U.
  7. U to IV.
  8. Y runs hard, hits K; roll from II is short. U to level with 6 on E.
  9. K to 5 yd join on S.
  10. U to III
  11. U rushes K to 1; approaches 3 from Y and fails hoop.
  12. Y hits K and finishes.

James +12 otp

Game 2

James chose to go first; Keith RY

  1. U to E level with 5
  2. R to II
  3. K misses U to 7 yds S
  4. Y hits U no rush on K; rolls it to 1 going to II. Takes off to 1; runs 1 by 15 yards misses R.
  5. U misses double in II
  6. R takes cannon; goes to 4-back with spread. U at peg open to 1 and 2.
  7. K shoots at U from B baulk. Hits peg and stays in centre.
  8. TP

Keith +26tp

Game 3

Keith chose to go first; James RY

  1. U supershot
  2. R hits U; to 4-back. Leaves U 2 ft out of IV towards hoop 4. R just S of corner II.
  3. K misses; no double.
  4. Y misses.
  5. K pops Y to 2, with standard SXP leave.
  6. Y misses U in III
  7. U SXP; fails 1b before 1, completes after 2. 2b before 5; 3b before 1b. Fails 4b before 3b and doesn't get position for straight. Goes to peg with postumous 4b peel with contact leave: R on W level with 5, Y on W level with 6, U on E level with 5, K in IV.
  8. Y takes off from K to U for rush, but goes off short.
  9. U rushes Y to near IV, lays up behind 3
  10. Y misses R
  11. K finises

Keith +16

Game 4

James goes first with UK

  1. U to E level with 5
  2. R to II
  3. K misses U to IV
  4. Y misses K
  5. K takes off from Y lays up without a rush in III
  6. R misses K
  7. U to 4b (including having to hit 8yd hoop 3 pioneer) with NSL with Y just in hoop 4.
  8. Y misses to just E of IV
  9. K fails II (Y still in IV)
  10. R hits K, rolls off 1 from Y in IV and TPO. R in III and Y in IV
  11. K rolls from IV, hits R, rolls off II, but falls down hill at 6. Scatters R
  12. R hits K; leaves K near 3 and leaves rush for Y near corner I.
  13. K misses (just)
  14. Y finishes

Keith +8tpo

First Round Second Round Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final Winner
  Keith Aiton

Keith Aiton
+26tp +24

Keith Aiton
-10 +26tp +13tpo

Keith Aiton
+20tp +17tp +17

Keith Aiton
-12otp +26tp +16 +8tpo

  Bernard Neal
  Richard Dickson

Jerry Guest
+2 -25tp +1

Jerry Guest

Jerry Guest
+26 -26tp +7

Jack Wicks
Andrew Gregory

Samir Patel
-11 +26tp +26tp

Samir Patel
+18 +12tpo

Samir Patel
-11tpo +19tp +26tp

Samir Patel
Ben Ashwell

Ben Ashwell
-8tp +17 +21

Roger Jenkins
  David Harrison-Wood

Marcus Evans
+8 +26tp

  Marcus Evans
James Death

James Death
+26tp +21qnp

James Death
+14 +26tp

James Death
+25tp +2

James Death
+16 -26tp +26tp +12tpo

Mark Gooding
Dave Kibble

David Magee
-12tpo +21 +12

David Magee
Dave Mundy

Dave Mundy
+13 +15

Dave Mundy
+11 -4 +17

David Goacher
Chris Daniels

Andrew Davies
+9 +2

Andrew Davies
  Nick Butler

Nick Butler
+9 +21tp

Stephen Mulliner
+14 +17

  Dick Knapp
  Ian Burridge

Stephen Mulliner
+17 +17tp

  Stephen Mulliner


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