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David Maugham won the Bowdon June Advanced Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Ian Lines at Bowdon
7th June 2007 (AC)

The Bowdon June Advanced Weekend was won by David Maugham who beat Colin Irwin in the final (-17tp, -20, +26tp, +17tp, +10tpo). The consolation Plate Event was won by Ian Lines, who only lost two games to Colin Irwin in the semi-finals.

The Bowdon lawns were excellent as usual and hoops were set firmly to 1/32nd. Various photos can be found on the Bowdon web site at

The Peterson Trophy was presented to David by club president Martin Granger-Brown, and thanks were recorded to John Saxby and his team for the magnificent catering, and to all those involved in preparing and setting the lawns.

Main Event

First Round

Ian Lines beat Barry Keen +26tp
Ailsa Lines beat Chris Bennett +26tp
Colin Irwin beat Michael Sandler +26tp
David Maugham beat Michael Steer +26sxp
Jerry Guest beat Andrew Winn +16
John Wastell beat Ken Cooper +17
Martin Granger-Brown beat David Mooney +23
Brian Storey beat Ken Jones +18

Quarter Finals

Ian Lines beat Jerry Guest +3
David Maugham beat Martin Granger-Brown +16
Colin Irwin beat John Wastell +2
Brian Storey beat Ailsa Lines +8

Semi Finals (Best of 3)

David Maugham beat Brian Storey +10tp, +16
Colin Irwin beat Ian Lines -12tpo, +6, +9tpo

Final (Best of 5)

David Maugham beat Colin Irwin -17tp, -20, +26tp, +17tp, +10tpo

Consolation Plate

Michael Sandler beat Chris Bennett +18
Barry Keen beat Michael Steer +13
Andrew Winn beat Ken Cooper +12
Ken Jones beat David Mooney +9
Ailsa Lines beat David Mooney +17
Andrew Winn beat Ken Jones +16
John Wastell beat Barry Keen +18
Martin Granger-Brown beat Chris Bennett +14
Jerry Guest beat Michael Sandler +22
Ken Cooper beat Michael Steer +19
David Mooney beat Michael Sandler +13tp
Barry Keen beat Ken Jones +19
Jerry Guest beat John Wastell +3tpo
Ailsa Lines beat Martin Granger-Brown +15stp
Andrew Winn beat Chris Bennett +16
Ken Cooper beat Ken Jones +19
David Mooney beat Barry Keen +14
Ailsa Lines beat Jerry Guest +5
Brian Storey beat Martin Granger-Brown +7
Michael Sandler beat Michael Steer +2
John Wastell beat Chris Bennett +2
Ian Lines beat Andrew Winn +17
Jerry Guest beat Brian Storey +9
Ken Cooper beat David Mooney +22
Martin Granger-Brown beat Ken Jones +14
Ian Lines beat Ailsa Lines +26
Michael Sandler beat Barry Keen +3
Brian Storey beat Chris Bennett +24
Ken Cooper beat Jerry Guest +25tp
John Wastell beat Michael Steer +18
Ian Lines beat Ken Jones +23tp
Andrew Winn beat David Mooney +9


David Maugham 7/9 (3 tps, 1 tpo, 1 sxp)
Colin Irwin 6/10 (2 tps, 1 tpo)
Ian Lines 6/8 (2 tps, 1 tpo)
Ken Cooper 4/6 (1 tp)
Ailsa Lines 4/6 (2 tps)
Andrew Winn 4/6
John Wastell 4/6
Jerry Guest 4/7 (1 tpo)
Brian Storey 4/7
Michael Sandler 3/6
Martin Granger-Brown 3/6
Barry Keen 2/6
David Mooney 2/6
Ken Jones 1/7
Michael Steer 0/5
Chris Bennett 0/6

Handicap Changes

Ken Jones 2.5 to 3
Andrew Winn 1.5 to 1


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