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East Anglian Croquet Federation B-Level Inter-Counties Tournament

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7th June 2007 (Other News)

Four years ago an idea was born in East Anglia to create a junior version of the better-known Inter-Counties Tournament. The format was adjusted to teams of four playing two-game doubles matches over the Saturday and Sunday of the Inter-Counties weekend against each of the other five Counties in the East Anglian Federation . Obviously as draws were possible, or even probable, a way had to be found to resolve a final winner if there was a tie at the end of the Tournament, and the concept of a game won within time being more valuable than a game won after time has worked very successfully. In the four years that the competition has been held, interest has increased, quality has improved and most significantly perhaps, no individual county has risen consistently above the others. The fact that the Anderson Shield, named in honour of Joint Life Presidents Tom and Judy Anderson, bears the name of a different winning county each year would seem to bear this out

We don't take ourselves too seriously although the Tournament is played competitively, but in a fairly relaxed atmosphere as perhaps can be gathered from the report and pictures of this year's competition accessible on the EACF website under News.


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