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Robert Fulford won the Resort Invitational

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17th June 2007 (International)

Robert Fulford beat Reg Bamford in the finals of the Resort Invitational; -19TP, +20TP, +24SXP to have his name engraved for the second time on the Quaich Cup. Chris Clarke beat Jerry Stark in the match for 3rd and 4th place; +26TP, +26TP.

The finals were played in heavy and light rain, sunshine, overcast skies, wind and still air, a fine finish to this year's event in typical Oregon spring weather. As usual the players had a great time at this quality tournament where they are treated very well throughout the week by the staff and owners Ed and Janice Hopper. By all accounts this is the model for international events to be able to attract the highest quality players from throughout the world.

One consistent throughout these events are the discussions and opinions given on a variety of events, people and politics in the world of international and national croquet. Who does what to whom and why? Over the years all of us have learned to trust each other so many of these points of discussion and concerns will remain here in Oregon, floating among the fir trees, staying lost in the Cascade foothills and mountains. Let those involved in the politics make the decisions hopefully influenced by the participants here based on our discussions.

The final qualifying round Sunday morning was, by all accounts, one of the most exciting and tense seen in a long time. At the start of play Clarke, Huneycutt and Stark were at 10 wins and Clarke's net points were well below the other two. If Clarke beat Bamford then either Huneycutt or Stark had to lose so Clarke could get in. If Stark and Huneycutt won then Clarke was out no matter what he did.
If Clarke lost he was out despite what the other two did. To add to the tension Jenny Williams was playing Stark and her efforts had a bearing on Clarke's final position. She had to beat Stark to help Clarke! At the start Huneycutt was +1 on net points over Stark.

Clarke quickly beat Bamford +22TP and joined the rest of us to watch the double banked game; Huneycutt vs. Landrebe and Stark vs. Williams.
Huneycutt's game went back and forth with chances for both. Landrebe finally pegged out Danny's ball and despite Danny's efforts with some two ball breaks and three ball breaks he broke down and Pete won +4. So now all Stark had to do was win his game. Jenny came from behind and finally beat Stark +1 while Danny watched.

So. Clarke took third place in the block with his 11 wins and Stark took 4th place beating out Huneycutt by + 2 net points.

In the last three games on Saturday before Sunday's round Huneycutt lost his three games, -26QP, -26SXP and -26TP to Bamford, Fulford and Clarke respectively while Stark won his three +15, +17TP and

  1. 26TP from Bassett, Clarke and a critical last win over Maugham.

1. Fulford - 16
2. Bamford - 14
3. Clarke - 13
4. Stark - 10 +68 net points
5. Huneycutt - 10 +66 net points
6. Westerby - 9
7. Landrebe - 8 -23 net points
8. Maugham - 8 -40 net points
9. Williams - 5
10. Bassett - 2

Brian Cumming in Canada won the 2007 "predict the finish order" Resort Contest. Brian, along with most contestants lost some points not expecting David Maugham to finish 8th. Chris Clarke had the 2nd place finish.


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