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England won the Home Internationals

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pictureThe crowd watching Martin Murray (second from right) vs. William Prichard (Photo: John Bevington)

by Chris Williams at Wrest Park
16-17 Jun 2007 (International)

1. England 3 wins
2. Scotland 2 wins
3. Wales 1 wins
4. Ireland 0 wins

England 4 Scotland 1

Robert Fulford beat Keith Aiton +26sxp, -4tp, +18tp
David Maugham beat Jonathan Kirby -21tp, +10tp, +26tp
Ian Lines beat David Magee +17, +26
Jack Wicks beat Strat Liddiard +16, +5
Ailsa Lines lost to Martin Murray -4, -21tp

Wales 3 Ireland 2

Sam Tudor lost to Simon Williams +26tp, -13tp, -26tp
Ian Burridge beat Ed Cunningham -26tp, +14, +26
John Evans beat Patsy Fitzgerald -13, +17, +11
Chris Williams beat Charlie von Schmieder +5, +17tp
William Prichard lost to Gerard Healy -9, -25

England 4 Ireland 1

Robert Fulford beat Simon Williams +26tp, -6, +11sxp
David Maugham beat Ed Cunningham +26tp, +26tp
Ian Lines beat Patsy Fitzgerald +24tp, +26tp
Jack Wicks beat Charlie von Schmieder +15, +16
Ailsa Lines lost to Gerard Healy -10, -12

Scotland 3 Wales 2

Keith Aiton beat Sam Tudor +26tp, +26tp
Jonathan Kirby lost to Ian Burridge -1, -16
David Magee beat John Evans +24, +24
Strat Liddiard lost to Chris Williams -8tp, -26
Martin Murray beat William Prichard -5, +5tp, +5

England 5 Wales 0

Robert Fulford beat Sam Tudor +10, +22tp
David Maugham beat Ian Burridge +26tp, +26tp
Ian Lines beat John Evans -5, +15tp, +23tp
Jack Wicks beat Chris Williams +24tp, +9
Ailsa Lines beat William Prichard +13, +26tp

Scotland 3 Ireland 2

Keith Aiton beat Simon Williams +26tp, +26tp
Jonathan Kirby beat Ed Cunningham +6, -18, +6
David Magee lost to Patsy Fitzgerald -13, +20tp, -17
Strat Liddiard beat Charlie von Schmieder +9tp, +20
Martin Murray lost to Gerard Healy -13, -13tp


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