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Sonoma - Thursday: Chris Clarke comes first in the all British medallist block and Matt Burrow beat Reg Bamford to get into the knockout final

[<<] [>>] by John Taylor
18th May 2001 (International)

I have bad news to report to all the Ren Kraft fans out there. As they say in Australia "He mucked it up". Yes, he let his opponent outfox him and he WON one. However our boy didn't let that faze him as he quickly regained his composure lost the next one. Darn almost a perfect tournament then to have this happen in his plate play-off. Well there's always next year.

Reg Bamford lost to Matthew Burrow after completing a sextuple against the "Beast." Reg had been one of the favourites as he came into the tournament ranked 1st in the world but the results so far in this tournament have allowed Fulford to regain the top position. I wonder if there will be more changes when this tournament is over on Saturday.

Thursday's Results

Medallist Block

Chris Clarke
Robert Fulford
Stephen Mulliner

Chris Clarke beat Robert Fulford +26 TP
Stephen Mulliner beat Robert Fulford +10 TPO
Chris Clarke beat Stephen Mulliner +8 TP

Final Standings:
Chris Clarke - 1st
Stephen Mulliner - 2nd
Robert Fulford - 3rd


Ed Cunningham beat Helene Thurston +12 TPO
Trevor Bassett beat Brian Wislang +26 TP
Wynand Louw beat Malcolm O'Connell +22 TP
Mik Mehas beat Louis Nel +10

Jacques Fournier beat Ed Cunningham +26 TP
Trevor Bassett beat Simon Williams +26 TP
David Maugham beat Wynand Louw +3 TP
Matthew Burrow beat Mik Mehas +13 0

Jacques Fournier beat Leo McBride +26 TP
Trevor Bassett beat Martin Clarke +26 TP
Reg Bamford beat David Maugham +25 SXP
Matthew Burrow beat Jeff Soo +26 TP

Jacques Fournier beat Trevor Bassett +17 TP
Matthew Burrow beat Reg Bamford +26 TP

Plate Knockout Results

1st Level: Ren Kraft beat Ian Burridge +20
2nd Level: Doug Grimsley beat Ren Kraft +10
3rd Level: Doug Grimsley beat Johnny Osborn +1


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