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Chris Clarke won the 39th Championship of Surrey

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25th June 2007 (AC - Championships)

In an expert display, Chris Clarke won the Championship of Surrey, completing a TP in all 11 games he played (winning 10 of them). He beat Robert Fulford in the final (+26tp +25tp +17tp) to win the trophy for
the first time. Last year's winner, Rutger Beijderwellen, was beaten
3-2 by Fulford in a close semi final (-26tp +25tp +8qnp -26tp +22), while Clarke dispatched Jeff Dawson (+14tp -9otp +7tpo +26tp) in the other.

The lawns were playing at 10 seconds, despite significant rain, but the wet ground ensured that the hoops put up little resistance. The main event saw 37 triples (or better), whilst the whole tournament saw peeling turns in over 50% of games (68/132) from 19 of the 24 players.
The beer was in excellent condition, and didn't run out.

Early running had been made by George Noble, racing into the Quarter Finals before lunch on the first day with two "three-TP" matches against Dick Knapp (+10tpo -8tp +26tp) and Sam Tudor (+17tp -26tp +26tp). Gary Bennett provided the biggest early upsets, beating Chris Patmore (+5 -1t

  1. 17) and then Samir Patel (+26 +5) before being dispatched by Clarke.

The plate was won by Samir Patel, beating Chris Patmore (+25tp), Robin Brown (+24tp) and Jenny Williams (+6tpo). Since the both the main event and plate were over by lunch on Sunday, the Manager embarked on a Z and Omega, which were won by Chris Patmore and Chris Farthing respectively after numerous failed sextuples.

First Round

Stewart Jackson beat Robin Brown -8 OTP +26TP +25TP
Jack Wicks beat Ian Plummer -17 +5TP +26TP
George Noble beat Dick Knapp +10TPO -8TP +26TP
Jerry Guest beat Tim Wilkins +19 -16 +3
Andrew Johnson beat Strat Liddiard +21 +10
Nick Butler beat Graham Gale +17 +18
Gary Bennett beat Chris Patmore +5 -1(t) +17
Nick Parish beat David Mooney +17 -4 +17

Second Round

Robert Fulford beat Stewart Jackson -26TP +26TP +26SXP
Jack Wicks beat Jenny Williams +25TP -12 +5
George Noble beat Sam Tudor +17TP -26TP +26TP
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Jerry Guest +15TP +26TP
Jeff Dawson beat Andrew Johnson +25TP +11
Chris Farthing beat Nick Butler +8 +25
Gary Bennett beat Samir Patel +26 +5
Chris Clarke beat Nick Parish +26TP +26TP


Robert Fulford beat Jack Wicks +26TP +2
Rutger Beijderwellen beat George Noble +26TP +15
Jeff Dawson beat Chris Farthing +26TP +26TP
Chris Clarke beat Gary Bennett +22TP +26TP


Robert Fulford beat Rutger Beijderwellen -26TP +25TP +8 QNP -26TP +22
Chris Clarke beat Jeff Dawson +14TP -9 OTP +7TPO +26TP


Chris Clarke beat Robert Fulford +26TP +25TP +17TP

Plate Knockout

Jenny Williams beat Jerry Guest +25
Andrew Johnson beat Stewart Jackson +15
Robin Brown beat Gary Bennett +22
Samir Patel beat Chris Patmore +25TP

Jenny Williams beat Andrew Johnson +17
Samir Patel beat Robin Brown +24TP

Samir Patel beat Jenny Williams +6TPO


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