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The CA beat the CA of Ireland 14-6

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picture (Photo: Ian Vincent)

by Richard Griffiths at Nottingham
23-24 Jun 2007 (International)

The CA England team won by 14 games to 6 against the Irish visitors. The teams were, for Ireland, Nathaniel Healy (1, captain), Conor Broderick (½), Ben Reeves-Smyth (3) and Danny Johnston (6), and, for England, Richard Griffiths (0, captain), Peter McDermott (1), Will Gee (2) and Klim Seabright (3½). Ian Vincent would also have played, but the counterpart member of the Irish team unfortunately was not able to attend.

The four youthful players (Conor, Ben, Danny and Will, collective years about 80) treated us to some impressive and adventurous play which was good to see. Watch out for them over the next few years. Conor, having recently done his first Triple Peel, was keen to develop the skill, and tried for more, with a spectacular Rover Peel from Penult being a highlight. Nonetheless he was denied success in his TP attempts. This time Dame Fortune smiled on Peter McDermott, who did his first ever TP with a 26, against Conor. (Yes, it was delayed, by about 20 years).

The captains agreed a format of 4 rounds of singles for day 1, played advanced except for Danny's games which were played handicap to accommodate his handicap of 6. Danny is a rapid improver, recently down from 16!

The format for day 2 was left flexible to allow for an odd number of games if needed, but in the event England was well in the lead after the first day, so it was agreed to play 2 round of advanced doubles on day 2, giving 20 games in all.

Many thanks go to Nottingham CC for providing the venue, to Ian Vincent for all sorts of support, including breakfasts at the clubhouse, and Rob Edlin-White for various meals and teas.

Klim Seabright took charge of the magnificent Vera McWeeney Memorial Trophy, a splendid silver box mounted on a plinth.


Advanced Singles

Richard Griffiths +1vs. Conor Broderick
Nathaniel Healy +6 vs. Peter McDermott
Will Gee +23 vs. Ben Reeves-Smyth
Peter McDermott +26TP vs. Conor Broderick
Will Gee +13 vs. Nathaniel Healy
Klim Seabright +11 on time vs. Ben Reeves-Smyth
Will Gee +10 vs. Conor Broderick
Nathaniel Healy +15 vs. Klim Seabright
Richard Griffith +13 vs. Ben Reeves-Smyth
Conor Broderick +17 vs. Klim Seabright
Richard Griffith +25 vs. Nathaniel Healy
Peter McDermott +9 vs. Ben Reeves-Smyth

Handicap Singles

Klim Seabright +15 vs. Danny Johnston
Danny Johnston +18 vs. Richard Griffiths
Danny Johnston +23 vs. Peter McDermott
Will Gee +12 vs. Danny Johnston

Advanced Doubles

Richard Griffiths & Will Gee +16 vs. Conor Broderick & Ben Reeves-Smyth
Peter McDermott & Klim Seabright +10 on time vs. Nathaniel Healy & Danny Johnston
Conor Broderick & Ben Reeves-Smyth +14 vs. Peter McDermott & Klim Seabright
Richard Griffiths & Will Gee +4 vs. Nathaniel Healy & Danny Johnston


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