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Open Championships 2007 - message from the manager and draws

[<<] [>>] by Richard Hilditch at Hurlingham
27th June 2007 (AC - Championships)

These are the draws for this year's opens at Hurlingham on July 8th-15th inclusive and the time of your first match. The approximate schedule is:

  • Sunday 8th - doubles first matches
  • Monday 9th - Wednesday 11th singles block play (11 games double banked)
  • Thursday 12th - singles knockout and plate begins.
  • Friday 13th - quarter finals.
  • Saturday 14th - semi-finals.
  • Sunday 15th - finals.

(Obviously this may have to change if there is unusual weather).

You are reminded that play will start each day at 10am and may continue until dusk. Be warned that travel in London is sometimes difficult. The best way to get there is by underground (the nearest station is Putney Bridge on the District Line). Our co-sponsors and hosts Hurlingham are a private club, players are asked to behave appropriately throughout and respect the members and staff. Here are some other details:

  • Players may sign in a free guest at the gate, CA associate members are entitled to free entry. Other visitors must pay £10 for entry each day.
  • Only players may bring cars to the club. Cars may not be left overnight at the club, if you are staying nearby your car must stay with you.
  • Players may use the facilities of the club to buy food and drinks; it is not permitted to bring food and drinks into the club.
  • White clothing and shoes must be worn on the lawns throughout, only a small coloured designer logo is permitted. There is NO exception for wet weather clothing.
  • Mobile phones can only be used in the designated mobile areas.
  • There is a major corporate event at the club around the lawns on the 11th - 13th, a luxury car show Salon Prive. There will be a little extra activity, but it should not be disruptive. See; bring your chequebook or Amex black card.

Do feel free to contact me if you need more information.
Richard Hilditch (manager)
020 8882 1453
020 8366 1177 (office)

Open Championships - Singles Draw

Blue Block Green Block Red Block
Reg Bamford Robert Fulford Keith Aiton
Stephen Mulliner David Maugham Chris Clarke
James Death Jeff Dawson Rutger Beijderwellen
Marcus Evans Samir Patel Ian Burridge
Ian Lines Tony Le Moignan Sam Tudor
Kevin Beard Chris Farthing David Goacher
Chris Patmore Jenny Williams Stewart Jackson
Richard Dickson Jack Wicks Andrew Johnson
Paul Salisbury Dave Kibble Jerry Guest
George Noble Nelson Morrow Michael Heap
Louise Bradforth Ian Vincent Martin Murray
David Mooney Paul Emmett Jonathan Bowen

(6 wins required in 11 blocks games in order to qualify for the knockout section)

Open Championships - Doubles Draw

*Aiton & Mulliner vs. Guest & Jackson
  Heap & Morrow
  Beijderwellen & Kibble vs. Bradforth & Patel
  Bamford & LeMoignan vs. Noble & Vincent
  Mooney & Salisbury vs. *Burridge & Maugham
  *Death & Evans vs. Farthing & Patmore
  Tudor & Wicks vs. Dawson & Williams
  Dickson & Lines vs. Emmett & Hilditch
  Beard & Goacher vs. *Clarke & Fulford

Start Times

10am Sunday:
Aiton & Mulliner, Guest & Jackson, Beijderwellen & Kibble, Bradforth & Patel, Bamford & LeMoignan, Noble & Vincent, Mooney & Salisbury, Burridge & Maugham, Death & Evans, Farthing & Patmore

12pm Sunday:
Heap & Morrow, Tudor & Wicks, Dawson & Williams

1:30pm Sunday (after lunch):
Dickson & Lines, Emmett & Hilditch

2pm Sunday (after lunch):
Beard & Goacher, Clarke & Fulford

10am Monday:
Andrew Johnson, Martin Murray, Jonathon Bowen


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