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Paul Rigge won the Crake valley August advanced weekend

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13th August 2007 (AC)

Format: blocks leading to a knockout

Block Results

D Nick bt. G Curry +19
B Burnett bt M Miller +26tp
C Dent bt P Wardle +17
J Haslam bt M Hamelev +15
M Stephenson bt R Lowe +1t
P Rigge bt B Haslam +1t
J Hawkins bt D Watts +24
T Griffith bt K Roberts +23
D Nick bt M Stephenson +7
J Hawkins bt B Burnett +10
C Dent bt P Rigge +26
J Haslam bt K Roberts +17
G Curry bt R Lowe +24tp
D Watts bt M Miller +22
P Rigge bt P Wardle +7t
T Griffith bt M Hamelev +23
C Dent bt T Griffith +26
R Lowe bt D Nick +14
G Curry bt M Stephenson +12
B Burnett bt D Watts +8
M Miller bt J Hawkins +11
C Dent bt B Haslam +17
T Griffith btJ Haslam +3tp
K Roberts bt M Hamelev +11t
B Haslam bt P Wardle +4t


J Hawkins bt J Haslam +18
B Burnett bt T Griffith +12tp
G Curry bt C Dent +19
P Rigge bt D Nick +3

G Curry bt B Burnett +7
P Rigge bt J Hawkins +3

P Rigge bt G Curry +4

Other Games

M Stephenson bt P Wardle +14
D Watts bt M Hamelev +1t
R Lowe bt B Haslam +18
K Roberts bt M Miller +2t
M Stephenson bt D Watts +1t
R Lowe bt K Roberts +14
M Stephenson bt R Lowe + 13
P Wardle bt T Griffith +3
C Dent bt J Haslam +8
B Haslam bt M Miller + 14
D Nick bt B Burnett +26


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