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Paul Salisbury won the Medway Mid-Week

[<<] [>>] by Paul Salisbury at Medway
22nd August 2007 (AC)

It's now the second year for this tournament and it's got serious! The format is best-of-3 knockouts in all rounds.

Day one saw heavy rain and waterproof socks. The organisers, Rodney and David Parkins and David Tester, couldn't do enough to help and after a few hints they realised the rain was unpopular so sorted it out for the last two days, contrary to the forecast, which was slick. For the evenings they laid on a couple of great venues with historical charm and excellent food, we all tucked in boyishly.

Controversially, the manager, George Noble, threatened to resign if the offensive use of apostrophes on signs posted in the toilets is not regularised before next year's event. Those responsible have got 'previous' - it was raised last year! Only the lack of Tippex prevented direct remedial action

Six of us stayed at the Friars, a Carmelite monastery which is ideal for reflection and prayer (we needed both). Despite dating back to 1242, it was not sufficiently well established for Nelson's sat nav.

As for the croquet itself, the final was close and kept the audience guessing. Paul Salisbury beat Nelson Morrow 2-1, by only 3 points, to retain the Rose Bowl. The plate was won by James Tuttiett.

Round One

Paul Salisbury bt David Parkins +14 +14
George Noble bt Mike Town +16TP +26TP
Dave Mundy bt Simon Whitely +26 +17
Paul Castell bt Paul Miles +11 +3
David Mumford bt Jon Diamond -17 +18 +15
James Tuttiett bt Nigel Polhill +17 + 13
Nelson Morrow bt John Daniels -4 +24 +26
Jack Davies bt Jerry Guest +14 +19

Round Two

Paul Salisbury bt George Noble +17TP +15
Paul Castell bt Dave Mundy +4 +2
James Tuttiett bt David Mumford +4 +6(T)
Nelson Morrow bt Jack Davies +24 +5


Paul Salisbury bt Paul Castell +23 TP -1 +26
Nelson Morrow bt James Tuttiett +5 +6


Paul Salisbury bt Nelson Morrow +22 -22 +3


Winner: James Tuttiett six wins from eight games.


Miles bt Town +6
Polhill bt Whitely +7
Daniels bt Parkins +13
Tuttiet bt Guest +25 TP
Daniels bt Polhill +18
Miles bt Diamond +15
Parkins bt Whitely +18
Guest bt Town +16
Noble bt Daniels +7 TPO
Miles bt Mundy +2
Guest bt Diamond +21 TP
Town bt Polhill +2
Guest bt Daniels +5
Noble bt Mundy +26
Parkins bt Davies +6
Diamond bt Whitely +20
Miles bt Whitely +20
Polhill bt Mumford +3(T)
Town bt Diamond +26 TP
Tuttiet bt Castell +17
Guest bt Miles +1
Davies bt Noble +2
Mundy bt Daniels +21
Mumford bt Parkins +21
Diamond bt Polhill +16
Whitely bt Town + 4
Tuttiett bt Miles +3 TP
Guest bt Castell +4
Daniels bt Mumford +18
Polhill bt Parkins +21


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