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10-10 Golf Croquet

[<<] [>>] by Bill Arlilss at Surbiton
10th September 2007 (GC)

Join us in a try-out for this new version of Speed Golf Croquet at Surbiton on Tuesday 25 Sept starting at 2.00 pm and finishing when there are no more takers. There will be a main doubles knockout competition plus as many other games as we can pack in. If you cannot make the early start, please join us later and we will arrange a game. We propose to have two lawns in use and will probably organise some singles

For this initial trial, players should have a handicap of 0 or less.

Entries for the doubles competition should be made by email to Please name your partner and team name. Players without partners will have a partner assigned by the Managers.

Entry Fee: £5/player payable on the day (Contribution to Surbiton and purchase of wine for prizes)

Dress: Predominantly NOT white. Bright colours preferred.

Prizes: Winner of Doubles, best team outfit, quickest finish or others at Managers' discretion

Joint Managers and RoTs: Bill Arliss and John Spiers


  • Games will be standard 13 point games of doubles in accordance with the CA published rules of Golf Croquet except for additional rules as described below
  • Each pair will be allowed only ten minutes to complete their game with the time taken being recorded on chess clocks. Players not in current play will be expected to operate the clocks as designated by the Managers
  • All games will be played with a referee in charge (RiC). All players not in current play are required to undertake this duty whether qualified referees or not. They will be expected to fault blatant crushes or double taps
  • The team-in-play's clock will be stopped when all balls moved in their turn have stopped moving on the lawn or have left the court. The nearest player is expected to replace balls that have left the court on the boundary line. The clock of the next team to play will start as soon as balls that have left the court are replaced on the boundary line or if replaced by the player next to play, when that player reaches his ball.
  • Should a team play before balls have stopped moving when no balls have left the court, the changeover of the clocks will happen immediately and the side warned by the RiC not to repeat the offence. At the discretion of the RiC a further infringement may result in a 10 second time penalty.
  • If the allowed time of a team expires, the game ends if their opponents have already scored more hoop points. If the score is level or the team with expired time are in the lead, the team with expired time may continue to play and attempt to stop their opponent scoring but may not score themselves. The game ends when both team's time has expired. Teams with expired time must play with due despatch. Shots must be taken within 5 seconds after taking stance or will be forfeited at the discretion of the RiC.
  • Should the score be level when both team's time has expired, the result shall be determined by a sudden death shoot-out for hoop 11 from the boundary. The team shall take alternative turns with the team whose time expired last taking the first turn.
  • Should a team play a wrong ball and it is noticed, they will be asked to replace all balls and retake the turn. No further back than the previous turn will be considered. The clock will be stopped whilst the balls are replaced but the time taken to play the wrong and correct balls will be recorded.
  • The half way rule will still apply. Collecting one's ball for a move to the penalty point is considered as part of a player's turn. Claims for move to a penalty point must be made immediately a hoop has been scored or will not be allowed.
  • In the event of a dispute, the RiC may stop both clocks and will signal this to the timekeeper with both arms horizontal. He may award a 15-second penalty for frivolous claims.
  • As this is a trial event the Managers reserve the right to modify, add or delete from these rules at any time before or during the tournament. Any comments about improvement to these rules, received before the competition will be considered.


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